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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone. I need your help. I try to simulate following circuit consisting of 5 74HCT14 Schmitt-Triggers, that sould generate a square waveform. I am supposed to determine the fequency of the circuit and the duty cycle with the specifications from the datasheet of the 74HCT14 IC, but I do not understand how to do it. Further thing is, that the Tperiod goes from 50% of VDD of the first pitch to the second pitch on VDD/2. I attached the circuit and my datasheet. I would be really tankful. 74HC_HCT14_CNV_2.pdf project.docx
  2. hi, We have been happy to use chipkit max32 for quite some time now. Now we wanted to experiment a design that uses parts of the max32 circuitry. It turned out that when we have the crystal oscillator FQ7050B-8.000 (*1) connected to PIC32MX795F512, it uses an internal oscillator instead, and it runs slow. The model for the crystal oscillator is the one specified in chipkit schematics file (*2). If we replace it with the physical oscillator circuit removed from one of our chipkit max32 boards, controller performance becomes just as fast as in max32, and it is using the external oscillator
  3. Hi, I'm working with the Nexys 4 FPGA, trying to pass the 100 MHz clock from E3 to G1 (Pin JD3), and I'm seeing no output there. When I flip the board over, I noticed X2 is populated (looks like an 8 MHz oscillator), but X1 has no component, and it's the same size and form factor. Is X1 missing something? Thanks for any help!
  4. Hello there, as far as I know all PIC32 chips have integrated RTCC capabilities. On the Uno32 board RTCC can be used after soldering an oscillator to a spot for it marked as X2. What about the CMOD board? It has a PIC32MX150F128D, but I am unable to find the location reserved for soldering in the oscillator. So my question - how does one use RTCC with the Chipkit CMOD microcontroller module? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi, Does anyone know whether I can replace the crystal oscillator in Max32 with some other oscillators please? I have a 10 MHz master clock, and want to use this clock in the microcontroller. Is it easy to replace the oscillator? Or do I need to unsolder something? Thanks, Jack