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Found 4 results

  1. Inter Process Communication (IPC):- As we know, processes can be of two types:- Independent Processes - Processes that are not affected by the presence or execution of other processes. Co-operating Processes - Processes that are affected by the presence or execution of other processes. Most of the processes which we encounter are co-operating processes as processes that operate together achieve better modularity, computational speed, convenience, etc. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that various processes communicate with each other to keep a system running efficiently.
  2. Does anyone know the OS/SW overhead when shifting JTAG bit chains from controller to device? For example, how long it takes to execute this function from the Adept SDK library? DjtgPutTmsTdiBits()
  3. I just bought the Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle. Plugged in the Analog Discovery 2 device via the USB cable to my Mac and downloaded the WaveForms 2015. Followed the installation instructions and finally booted the WaveForms 2015. Upon opening the App I got the "No Device Detected" message. I've tried this on 2 Macs now and still I get this message. Any idea what might be going on? I noticed there's a 5V power supply slot on the Analog Discovery 2 device, but no supply was included.