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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to write a code that will display the character H in the left top corner when the potentiometer is fully counter-clockwise, H in the middle when potentiometer is halfway between ccw and cw, and finally H in the right top corner when potentiometer is fully clockwise. Though my code works, I used a for loop to iterate through all the LEDS before the place where I want to put the H character. I wanted to know how I can change the position of the column number of the Oled. Here's my code: #include<p32xxxx.h> #include<plib.h> #pragma config POSCMOD=HS, FNOSC = PRIPLL #pragma config FPLLIDIV = DIV_4 #pragma config FPLLMUL = MUL_16 #pragma config FPLLODIV = DIV_4 #pragma config FWDTEN = OFF #pragma config FPBDIV=DIV_4 #define prtVddCtrl IOPORT_F #define prtVbatCtrl IOPORT_F #define prtDataCmd IOPORT_F #define prtReset IOPORT_G #define bitVddCtrl BIT_6 #define bitVbatCtrl BIT_5 #define bitDataCmd BIT_4 #define bitReset BIT_9 #define cbOledDispMax 512 //max number of bytes in display buffer #define ccolOledMax 128 //number of display columns #define crowOledMax 32 //number of display rows #define cpagOledMax 4 #define POT 2 void initADC(int amask){ AD1PCFG = amask; AD1CON1=0x00E0; AD1CSSL=0; AD1CON2=0; AD1CON3=0x1F3F; AD1CON1SET = 0x8000; } int readADC(int ch) { AD1CHSbits.CH0SA = ch; AD1CON1bits.SAMP=1; while(!AD1CON1bits.DONE); return ADC1BUF0; } BYTE rgb0ledBmp[cbOledDispMax]; void DelayMs(int n){ int k = 0; for(k=0;k<n*10;k++){ } } void OledHostInit() { unsigned int tcfg; /* Initialize SPI port 2. */ SPI2CON = 0; SPI2BRG = 15; //8Mhz, with 80Mhz PB clock SPI2STATbits.SPIROV = 0; SPI2CONbits.CKP = 1; SPI2CONbits.MSTEN = 1; SPI2CONbits.ON = 1; /* Make pins RF4, RF5, and RF6 be outputs. */ PORTSetBits(IOPORT_F, bitVddCtrl|bitVbatCtrl|bitDataCmd); PORTSetPinsDigitalOut(prtDataCmd, bitDataCmd); //Data/Command# select PORTSetPinsDigitalOut(prtVddCtrl, bitVddCtrl); //VDD power control (1=off) PORTSetPinsDigitalOut(prtVbatCtrl, bitVbatCtrl); //VBAT power control (1=off) /* Make the RG9 pin be an output. On the Basic I/O Shield, this pin ** is tied to reset. */ PORTSetBits(prtReset, bitReset); PORTSetPinsDigitalOut(prtReset, bitReset); } BYTE Spi2PutByte(BYTE bVal) { BYTE bRx; /* Wait for transmitter to be ready */ while (SPI2STATbits.SPITBE == 0); /* Write the next transmit byte. */ SPI2BUF = bVal; /* Wait for receive byte. */ while (SPI2STATbits.SPIRBF == 0); /* Put the received byte in the buffer. */ bRx = SPI2BUF; return bRx; } void OledDspInit() { /* We're going to be sending commands, so clear the Data/Cmd bit */ PORTClearBits(prtDataCmd, bitDataCmd); /* Start by turning VDD on and wait a while for the power to come up. */ PORTClearBits(prtVddCtrl, bitVddCtrl); DelayMs(1); /* Display off command */ Spi2PutByte(0xAE); /* Bring Reset low and then high */ PORTClearBits(prtReset, bitReset); DelayMs(1); PORTSetBits(prtReset, bitReset); /* Send the Set Charge Pump and Set Pre-Charge Period commands */ Spi2PutByte(0x8D); Spi2PutByte(0x14); Spi2PutByte(0xD9); Spi2PutByte(0xF1); /* Turn on VCC and wait 100ms */ PORTClearBits(prtVbatCtrl, bitVbatCtrl); DelayMs(100); /* Send the commands to invert the display. This puts the display origin ** in the upper left corner. */ Spi2PutByte(0xA1); //remap columns Spi2PutByte(0xC8); //remap the rows /* Send the commands to select sequential COM configuration. This makes the ** display memory non-interleaved. */ Spi2PutByte(0xDA); //set COM configuration command Spi2PutByte(0x20); //sequential COM, left/right remap enabled /* Send Display On command */ Spi2PutByte(0xAF); } void OledPutBuffer(int cb, BYTE * rgbTx) { int ib; BYTE bTmp; /* Write/Read the data */ for (ib = 0; ib < cb; ib++) { /* Wait for transmitter to be ready */ while (SPI2STATbits.SPITBE == 0); /* Write the next transmit byte. */ SPI2BUF = *rgbTx++; /* Wait for receive byte. */ while (SPI2STATbits.SPIRBF == 0); bTmp = SPI2BUF; } } void OledUpdate() { int ipag; int icol; BYTE * pb; pb = rgb0ledBmp; for (ipag = 0; ipag < cpagOledMax; ipag++) { PORTClearBits(prtDataCmd, bitDataCmd); /* Set the page address */ Spi2PutByte(0x22); //Set page command Spi2PutByte(ipag); //page number /* Start at the left column */ Spi2PutByte(0x00); //set low nybble of column Spi2PutByte(0x10); //set high nybble of column PORTSetBits(prtDataCmd, bitDataCmd); /* Copy this memory page of display data. */ OledPutBuffer(ccolOledMax, pb); pb += ccolOledMax; } } void CharTable(int index){ switch(index){ case 17: //character H Spi2PutByte(0x00); Spi2PutByte(0xFF); Spi2PutByte(0x10); Spi2PutByte(0x10); Spi2PutByte(0xFF); Spi2PutByte(0x00); break; }; } void setPageNumber(BYTE pagnum){ PORTClearBits(prtDataCmd, bitDataCmd); /* Set the page address */ Spi2PutByte(0x22); //Set page command Spi2PutByte(pagnum); //page number /* Start at the left column */ Spi2PutByte(0x10); //set low nybble of column Spi2PutByte(0x10); //set high nybble of column PORTSetBits(prtDataCmd, bitDataCmd); } void main(){ int a; int repeatccw=0; int repeatcw=0; int repeathor=0; OledHostInit(); OledDspInit(); OledUpdate(); setPageNumber(0x00); T3CON = 0x8070; PR3 = 0xFFFF; initADC(0xFFFB); int k=0; while(1){ a = readADC(POT); a=a>>5; if(a==0b00000){ if(repeatccw==0) repeatccw++; else if(repeatccw!=0) continue; OledUpdate(); setPageNumber(0x00); CharTable(17); repeathor=0; repeatcw=0; } else if(a==0b10000){ if(repeathor==0) repeathor++; else if(repeathor!=0) continue; OledUpdate(); setPageNumber(0x00); for(k=0;k<64;k++) Spi2PutByte(0x00); CharTable(17); repeatcw=0; repeatccw=0; } else if(a==0b11111){ if(repeatcw==0) repeatcw++; else if(repeatcw!=0) continue; OledUpdate(); setPageNumber(0x00); for(k=0;k<110;k++) Spi2PutByte(0x00); CharTable(17); repeathor=0; repeatccw=0; } } }