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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have been unsuccessfully trying to connect my new OpenScopeMZ to my laptop and keep getting the error message "Error Connecting to Digilent Agent. Please Make Sure the Digilent Agent is Running" every time I try to add the device from WaveForms Live. My computer makes noise and recognizes that a device is plugged into the USB port but that is as far as it goes. I am using Windows 10 Pro, version: 1903, OS build: 18362.1016 on a Microsoft Surface Book 2. I have tried, fully uninstalling and reinstalling, changing the timeout timer up to 20 seconds, and running the Digilent Agent in various safe modes including Windows 8. I have gotten OpenScope to connect with another older PC, updated the firmware, and been successful at creating waveforms. However it has not fixed the issue with my computer.
  2. Hi, I found this cool BNC Adapter for analog discovery : I just want to know if this works for OpenScope MZ. Here is your reference for pin diagram for analog discovery : And here is OpenScope MZ's pin diagram
  3. I just bought an OpenScope MZ and I need help downloading the Digilent Agent. Here is the sequence I followed and problems I encountered: 1. followed the directions from the web site: 2. this site, gives a link for Windows. The link given was: When I click this link, the browser "gives-up" with a page not found. 3. Apparently the URL of step #2, was redirecting to another site; the new URL was: This tells me that it tries to authenticate from somewhere. 4. I went to GitHub and attempted to get a copy of the Agent from there: no luck -- not available. I tried multiple things such as: A. clearing the cache of the Browser B. Using a different Browser (Chrome, Edge, Explorer) C. Using three different machines D. Moving to an iMAC NOTHING WORKED. Can someone give me a copy of the Digilent Agent for Windows 10? A link? Anything? By the way, I connected with the Serial Port at 1,250,000 baud; I was able to configure the WiFi. But the firmware needs to be updated which requires the Digilent Agent to be running. So frustrating... Please help!
  4. I am working on a project with the hopes of interfacing with the OpenScopeMZ via serial communication, to send parameters to the oscilloscope function and read the data back. With the end goal being direct serial communication with the OpenScopeMZ (bypassing the FTDI serial-usb converter). It's been difficult finding documentation on how I might be able to do this. I have read through the OpenScope Protocol and see that it uses JSON to communicate, which I am not previously familiar with but have been doing my best to read up on it. Currently I have been able to connect to the OpenScopeMZ via USB and Putty, and I accidentally managed to bring up the following dialogue: The "Unsupported option, please try again" came up after I tried to paste the command to put the OpenScopeMZ into JSON Command mode into Putty with the following code Then I just pressed the '1' key and the following response came up: I have the OpenScopeMZ working with WaveForms Live and am using a baudrate of 1250000 to communicate via Putty. How can I send the JSON commands documented in to the OpenScopeMZ? Also, any information that might help me to utilize the oscilloscope functions (set parameters, trigger, and read data) would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, trying to get new OpenScope MZ (from the original KS, just now getting around to this!) working on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop system. The OpenScope MZ getting started instructions did not work for me. Here's what did thanks in part to @wyojustin Installed digilent-agent but it does not show up in task bar Try to execute digilent-agent from command line. That worked. Plugging in OpenScope MZ to USB has no effect http://localhost:42135 gives a 404 error Try putting in chrome address bar. That works. Now I can start the firmware update, etc. That update went smoothly. Calibration completes but the web page still says it is uncalibrated. Did it again. No change. Ignore and continue. Now I can make a sample measurement with scope 1 (orange) connected to wavegen (yellow) Randomly the PC speaker outputs a thump, seems to be caused by WaveformsLive. What's up with that? digilent-agent terminal frequently spews out binary data (?) Should I worry? What exactly is the need to go to a web site at to use this scope? That seems an awfully circuitous way to get a local display. Is all the scope data getting sent to AWS and then back in the display? Or AWS is serving the display and data gets merged in locally somehow? And what if I don't have a fast Internet connection everywhere I want to use this tool? Would like to trigger this MZ from a AD2 to get two more analog channels to log. Now to read documentation and try to get useful results. Also will try under Windows 10 Pro Thanks to @wyojustin and this helpful forum post.
  6. I'd like to use my OpenScope MZ on the go, so I was hoping I could have it connect to the hotspot I can create with my Android phone. It seems to be connected (solid blue led, blinking yellow led), it's also connected to my computer through usb where I can see it's ip address, but when I try to add the device on the WaveForms Live Android app or on I get the "No response received" error. Even a ping to the ip fails. I also confirmed the ip using the Hotspot Manager app on Android. I tried running through the WiFi setup again. I have up to date firmware (1.296.0). When I try the same on my regular home wifi network I can add and access the device. Could I be doing something wrong here? Have you guys connected the OpenScope MZ to a Android hotspot?