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Found 3 results

  1. I'm using Nexys A7-100T developmennt board. I'm having issues getting Pmod I2S2 to work. This is my test design: The clocking wizard creates a 11.289MHz master clock. The tranceiver module I'm using can be found here: It seems to be generating the serial and ws (word select) clocks properly. The problem is that I'm not getting any signal from the ADC. sdout pin stays high no matter what. Even if LINE IN was floating, I would expect zeros between left and right channel data. Is the Pmod faulty or am I mis
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to turn my NexysA7 FPGA into a relatively simple game controller. Naturally, I want to send data from the FPGA to my computer using the HID port since the communication is bidirectional but I don't think I totally understand how to make my PC the host rather than the FPGA. Are there any suggestions on how to do this? (Worth noting that I am relatively new to this) Thanks for any help in advance!
  3. Hi, Where can I find a tutorial to run 'Hello World' with Vivado 2020.1 and Vitis to run on Nexys A7-100T ? I've searched everywhere, including this forum, and couldn't find a tutorial. I tried a tutorial on YouTube for the Artix 7, and I'm unable to generate a bitstream. I get this critical warning: [Vivado 12-1411] Cannot set LOC property of ports, Cannot set PACKAGE_PIN property of ports, port reset_0 can not be placed on PACKAGE_PIN C12 because the PACKAGE_PIN is occupied by port reset. Please note that for projects targeting board parts, user LOC constraints cann