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  1. Hi everyone can you help me in my problem? I am using NEXYS4 DDR, and I want to generate some output square patterns for DRAM measurement. but I dont know how can i do this with my board. hope your help, thank you so much
  2. I couldn't get the USB Cable Loader to work. So I would use a thumb drive with just one dot bit file on it. That worked for a while. I longed to stop the tedious process of plugging the thumb drive in the PC, navigating to where my bit file was on the system, copy, paste, unplug the thumb drive, plug it into the Nexys 4, power it up!?! I tried to install ISE 14.7 but I could not get my licence upgraded. Reinstalled ISE 14.6. Now the thumb drive doesn't work. I know it sounds paranoid, but did someone mod Stuxnet?
  3. Hello, So I just followed the tutorial and generated a bit stream . The server starts as expected because this is displayed on the sdk terminal -----lwIP TCP echo server ------ TCP packets sent to port 6001 will be echoed back link speed: 100 DHCP Timeout Configuring default IP of Board IP: Netmask : Gateway : TCP echo server started @ port 7 However,there is unknown netw
  4. Hello, I've been strugling with de micro-sd card in Nexys-4 for quite some time. I'm using the code at sd_spi.vhd by Lawrence Wilkinson, but the FPGA never gets a valid answer from the card so it keeps looping forever (CMD8) I think I've checked all the obvious things : - Trying an old card, just in case SDHC was not properly suported - Booting the FPGA from the SD card (not USB), to check that the physical circuits were working properly - Trying with 3 different Nexys 4 boards - Lowering clock frequency to only a few hertzs (normal speed should be 50MHz, and a c
  5. Hi, I want to use Nexys4 ddr board to read sdcard, reference this topic and read @jpeyron answer, but after I create the block design with Pmod_SDcard ip and generate bitstream and launch Vivado18.2 SDK tool, an error for new Application Project occur, it may relate to this PmodSD IP, but I an new for using SDK tools. Can you help me how to deal with this error? Thank you! design_1_wrapper.hdf
  6. Hi I am new to microblaze. I have to design an efficient ALU using microblaze in Nexys 4 Anyone can guide through me the procedure ( I know the general guide line) and refer any document to do it Regards Uzmeed
  7. Hello everyone I want to know if there is a board description file for the Nexys4 that i can use with Xilinx System Generator ? I know that Digilent already made a board description file in order to use the Nexys4 with Vivado. Thank you
  8. Junior_jessy


    Hello, I'm trying to make a voice-activated on a nesys4 and i want to use the pmodMic3.To do si, I want to use the SPI protocol but i don't know how. So how can i choose the SPI protocol ? Furthermore, I got some issues when filling in the constraint's file. On the web-site of Diligent, the pin2 is not connected but, the protocol SPI show the opposite. So how to Well connect the in/out of the peripheral to the board in the constraint's file? Thank you in advance for your answer. Junior
  9. Hi. I use nexys4 with vivado for do partial reconfiguration. After several test the open hardware manager lost comunication with nexys4. I can load simple .bit files and files of partial reconfiguration using PlanAhead, but I can not down again files using vivado. The same happened with 2 board nexys4. ┬┐What can I do?
  10. elevator program is not working on the board and it is showing simulation properly.i am not getting where the mistake is happend.can you check the program why it is not working on the board.i thought that the mistake is in the elevator is not taking any inputs according to the module. thanks elevator12.txt
  11. 5v dc motor is not rotating when I connect to pmod ja0 and it is working fine when I connected to vcc and gnd in the pmod ja. anyone can help me .. ???
  12. How to connect the pins in the nexys4 artix7 temperature sensor
  13. Hello, After downloading the project code found here: and programming my Nexys4 DDR, I can not get my board to read keyboard inputs. I've tried three different USB keyboards (Apple, Razor, and Logitech). To make sure that there was nothing wrong with the USB port, I performed the selftest as specified in the manual: "Connecting a mouse to the USB-HID Mouse port will allow the pointer on the VGA display to be controlled. Only mice compatible with the Boot Mouse HID interface are supported."
  14. Hello Is it possible to program NEXYS 4 DDR with Xilinx ISE 14.7 Thank you in advance
  15. Hi, I just brought the NEXYS 4 FPGA and want to start learn it myself. The first project I am trying to do is changing the seven segment display one by one. Is there any example code that I can start with? Thank you.
  16. Hello, I have a code that interface keyboard to display scan code. I have wireless keyboard that doesn't respond when I press key, while wire or old style keyboard work just fine. the keyboard model is logitech k400r
  17. Hi, I just installed vivado 2017.2 on my PC, running windows 7 Service Pack1 (64-bit). I connected my Nexys 4 board using the cable that comes with the board in the package. When I attempted to connect the board to my PC, by clicking Open Hardware Manager -> Open Target -> Auto Connect, in the Hardware window in vivado, it shows localhost(0), which means no device detected. I also get 2 warnings below: warning: cannot open library dpcomm.dll, first required symbol ftdimgr_lock, Digilent FTDI based JTAG cables cannot be supported warning: cannot open library djtg.dll, first
  18. Hello digilent support team, i have got a problem with my nexys 4 board. After i connected the board to a external power supply of 5V the board is death. I connected the positive pol of the source with the positive pol of the sink and the negative pol with GND of the board. I found the schematic of the nexys 4 board and made some measurement on my death board. I measure 5V at PIN 12/13 of IC22 ADP2118 but i don't measure 3.3V at PIN 6 at IC18 ADM1086, in the schematic the name of this voltage is FT3V3. But I coundn't find the source of FT3V3 in the schematic. Can you give m
  19. I'm writing a cpu on Nexys 4 DDR, but I have a problem: The DDR2 memory on Nexys4 will be reset whenever a new .bit file is written to the FPGA. I have already generated two .bit files. One is to write instructions and data to the DDR2 memory, and the other is the cpu program. What should I do to make the DDR2 memory remain the same even after it's programmed? Thank you!
  20. Hi I am trying to send data from Nexys 4 Artix 7 FPGA Board to PC. I using uart to send the data at 9600 baud rate. The uart takes data through the switch and I am using SW(0 to 7) for this. The data transfer takes place only when button is press(btnU). I wanted to make this transfer automatic without having the need to use the button but have not been able to get it done. I have taken the code from I have made some change to replace the btnU with "State" to initiate the the data transfer. For th
  21. Hi, I have read the possibilities of Xbee and used it using arduino Uno board. Now, I facing problem on how to interface this on Nexys 4 Artix 7 FPGA Board. Basically i'm confuse on how to proceed on FPGA board. I have already started looking on UART protocol and its implementation. Please help me out on how to proceed forward. With regards Manas
  22. Hi, I am using nexys 4 Artix 7 fpga. I want to access sensor data connected at JXADC Pmod port and the sensor output data I want to display on HTTP Server or in a web page.I already able to access GPIO pin through HTTPServer and turning on off fpga board leds.I added PmodACL2 code but it's showing error "invalid conversion from 'u32* {aka long unsigned int*}' to 'u32 {aka long unsigned int}' [-fpermissive] xspi_l.h /PmodWifiACL/src line 122 C/C++ Problem" I am facing problem in interfacing PmodACL2 with HTTPServer code for displaying sensor output at HTTPServer page or
  23. hello, I recently purchased the Nexys4 DDR and I am eager to get started, I noticed on the reference guide that it states: 17 Built-In Self-Test A demonstration configuration is loaded into the Quad-SPI flash device on the Nexys4 DDR board during manufacturing. The source code and prebuilt bitstream for this design are available for download from the Digilent website. I cannot seem to find this download page as it does not have a link (note: I underlined it to show its specified that it is available for download) can somebody please direct me to this file location please.
  24. hi guys ; please i want to use seven segment in nexys 4 board and i have a error i think from the constraints file i'm not understand how to use constraints file to define the seven segment this is the program and constraints file ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED.ALL; -- Uncomment the following library declaration if using -- arithmetic functions with Signed or Unsigned values --use IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL; -- Un
  25. HI guys ; please i want a some help; i want to connect Nexys 4 board with RTLSDR receiver and get data from him and do processing in FPGA , some people tell me it is hard with VHDL and they propose to do this with microblaze , i need some help to do this , (advices , tutorial ....). thanks