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Found 10 results

  1. I'm working on a university project and I've programmed the stepper motor on LabVIEW and am using the digilent motor adaptor but the signal leaving it doesn't seem to be right even though the labview control is correct in the signal that it's giving it. It can run up to 30rpm but then it stops and doesn't run. I have run out of ideas and think the error must be generated from the connections in the motor adaptor but I have no idea why as the connections seem simple enough. Has anyone done it before and have a ready made program for it. This is the program I am using at the moment.
  2. Hello everyone I am trying to interface the Pmod Gyroscope with myRio with the code provided in the myRio Project Essentials Guide. I have made connections as per the diagram in the guide and there is no problem with it. When I run the VI, when the sensor is stationary the value of x displacement should be zero and not change but it is incrementing with time even when I am not moving the sensor. You can check the problem in the YouTube link I have shared bellow. There is no problem with the hardware since I have tried the same program with other gyroscope of same IC. The program file
  3. I wonder if there is a fritzing part for myRio, I searched for it but I wasn't able to find anything. if anyone has it, I will really appreciate sharing it with me thank you
  4. Maybe I am looking at this incorrectly, but pins 2&3 of the UART I/O connector (of the myRIO Pmod adapter) for a UART Pmod module are for the UART, but, the schematic for the PmodRS232 show pins 3&4 are the UART Tx/Rx lines. Isn't the PmodRS232 supposed to plug right into the myRIO Pmod adapter? Isn't that the purpose of the Pmod adapter? Since it doesn't look like there is a schematic for the myRIO Pmod adapter, I'll try to check continuity to see how it is really wired, but in the mean-time, maybe someone has an idea how I am supposed to connect the PmodRS232 (maybe using i
  5. My 15yo son is wanting to get the myRIO Student Version available from Digilent. Its unclear what software comes with this myRIO (the list of what is included only states evaluation software), and the list from NI seems very long and expensive but possibly not necessarily all is needed ! Here He already has the most recent LabView Student Edition (and a Digilent Discovery 2) on their way Is this all the software he needs to be able to run the myRIO (with the VI uploaded to it) standalone or would we need to buy more software ?
  6. I'm having trouble understanding the inputs and outputs on the High Current Adapter. I've looked at the product pictures and the datasheet webpage, but there is no schematic. How are the plus and minus drains mapped onto op-amps, and which op-amps were used? My device should be delivered tomorrow, but I'd like to plan in advance just in case I need to order additional parts. My hope is that I can use this device as a voltage amplifier. Thanks!
  7. I'm getting a myProto Protoboard in the mail tomorrow, and I can't tell what the connector type is for the external power supply. All I can see is that there is a max of 17VDC. What connector is used here? And is there a supplied external power supply to wall power, or should I be purchasing one? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm using the Pitsco TETRIX PRIME for NI myRIO and the sensor board that comes with it is from Digilent, but is different than the motor adapter. The kit comes with two DC motors and each has an encoder attached. I can only read from the encoder plugged into "motor1" port. Is it possible to read the other motor's encoder? I read this forum, but I think it's a little different:
  9. Digilent driver providing only 0.6A at max for single motor. But I require current upto 1.5A how to overcome this problem. Also there is no braking in motor driver. Is there any option in driver to electrically brake the motor. Thanks in Advance
  10. How to use two encoder in myrio and diglent NI myrio motor adapter. Myrio A expansion port has only one direct encoder pins (pin 18 and 21). But in digilent motor driver there are two encoders. Is there any direct usage in LABVIEW or can anyone help me in programming additional encoders