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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just bought a MTDS ( I tried to use on an arduino Duo (arm cortex M3) and I got this error : C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\mtds\MtdsHal.cpp:326:2: error: #error "No supported processor defined" #error "No supported processor defined" So I have checked MtdsHal.cpp at line 326 and I saw that the SPI is set for PIC or AVR processor. Is there a solution for arm processor ? Thanks
  2. I am trying to connect my PMOD MTDS to the Zybo Z7, without Arduino. I have integrated the IP files, connected it via block diagram, and set up a FAT32 microSD with the 2 files that are needed also. When trying to connect to Vivado I can seem to figure out how to get to the console for which I can do MTDS Firmware code so I can do a custom UI. Documentation does not help much with connecting this PMOD. Please advise if you're familiar thanks.
  3. I am considering the Digilent Pmod 2.8" MTDS display for a Cypress Pioneer CY8CKIT-062-BLE, which has a PSoC 6 MCU. The kit board includes a Pmod header. One challenge is that I intend to generate a live image on the display as close to 20 Hz frame rate as I can get. Looks like I will need to modify the mtds library to handle the SPI connection to the PSoC 6 and also to create a function for high speed image data transfer instead of reading files from the display's SD card. (I will use the latter for a button UI also.) I am not sure the display's processor can handle the required SPI clock rate from the PSoC. It can run a 50+ MHz SPI clock, but I notice that the clock rate listed in MtdsHal.h for a PIC32 is 3.5MHz, or 4 MHz for AVR. I calculate I need 25MHz or so: 320 x 240 x 16 x 20 bits per sec. Is there a display side limit? Comments/ideas/collaborators welcome. Just exploring at this stage. thanks, McKee
  4. Hi I just got the MTDS, running it with my Mega ADK. However, when I try the MyDispDemo sketches, the MTDS will just blink once and then be all black, backlight on. I just keep getting "mydisp.begin() failed" What could the issue be? Thanks, Thomasx
  5. Hi, I've purchased a Multi-Touch Display Shield, load libraries, example sketches on my Arduino IDE, compiled without errors all MyDisp examples, but: display is switched on but black serial port post "myDisp.begin failed" I tried on a Leonardo and a Mega. Can you help me?
  6. Hi, I have purchased the Multi-Touch Display Shield, see link below for actual model. I have downloaded the Arduino IDE folder, installed the mtds & MyDisp libraries and followed the QuickStart.txt. When I open an example from either of those libraries and attempt to compile, it fails and lists loads of errors (Please see .txt file attached where I have copied error messages). I have my Arduino Uno selected and the libraries installed, there are errors in the followings directories: \Arduino\libraries\MyDisp\Examples\MyDispDemo\MyDispDemo1\MyDispDemo1.pde \Arduino\libraries\mtds\MtdsCore.cpp \Arduino\libraries\mtds\MtdsFs.cpp \Arduino\libraries\mtds\MtdsHal.cpp Does anyone know what is causing this, I have tried both Arduino 1.6.9 & 1.8.5 but it shows the same errors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Evan Error compiling for board ArduinoGenuino Uno - Error Message.txt