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Found 2 results

  1. I am using a Nexys 4 DDR board and want to use the microSD as an external memory to read from. right now: I am using HDL only Want to read from SD in SPI mode as a continues loop Want to write to Micro SD offline via PC I have an HDL code, and I am able to write to and then read-back from the SD inside the HDL correctly, but have no idea how a data file on my computer can be turned into something on SD that I can read properly in FPGA Questions: What file format am I supposed to use for the SD card? (FAT32? ) What tool to use? I am using HxD I wrote a random file to the SD using the HxD, when I initiate read in FPGA, I see data, but don't know what it is! Maybe I only need to figure the address for beginning of my data??? Thanks in advance.
  2. today I received a MicroSD memory card (8GB) from Digilent ( sent separately after the PYNQ-Z1 board had already arrived. I need the manufacturer/brand name and type to download the Windows 10 drivers for that card (better a weblink with those drivers). When I insert the card in its adapter and plug it in in my Windows Laptop, nothing happens. With those drivers I should be able to verify first whether that memory board is empty. If so I can burn the necessary image. Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thanks. (that the DONE LED does not light up in the procedure described below is an indication that the bitstream could not be loaded) -- (BEFORE:) Hi, the memory card just arrived, but see below how far the PYNQ-Z1 board with the memory (Micro SD) card inserted in it comes. Is the memory card you just sent me empty, ie, do I need to download the PYNQ-Z1 v2.1 image and burn it myself ?, I thought the memory card from DIgilent would come ready ... Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. PS (cf also attached board layout) SETUP: JP4 to SD, JP5 to USB, Micro SD card inserted, (J14) USB cable-connected to Windows 10 Laptop, (J13) Ethernet cable connected to Xfinity/comcast gateway where also Laptop is connected Following the link below, when I turn on the board, the RED LED12 comes on immediately. Then LEDs LD8 and LD9 flash and stay flashing "forever". LED LD12 does not light up.... (in chrome browser: http://pynq:9090/ -> This site can't be reached) ... Turning On the PYNQ-Z1 As indicated in step 6 of Board Setup, slide the power switch to the ON position to turn on the board. The Red LD13 LED will come on immediately to confirm that the board has power. After a few seconds, the Yellow/Green LD12 / Done LED will light up to show that the Zynq® device is operational. After a minute you should see two Blue LD4 & LD5 LEDs and four Yellow/Green LD0-LD3 LEDs flash simultaneously. The Blue LD4-LD5 LEDs will then turn on and off while the Yellow/Green LD0-LD3 LEDs remain on. The system is now booted and ready for use.