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Found 4 results

  1. Hello , I am working with Metaware IDE and the device uses Digilent HS2 JTAG cable. But there is a problem with the JTAG cable and I could not identify the issue. Kindly guide me with this. I have attached the picture of the error. Thanks
  2. Hi, We were using Metaware debugger with Digilent JTAG-HS2 cable HS2 RevA for JTAG connection. When 7 processors are in chain, first processor in the chain is not able to read back the memory into Metaware GUI. We notice that write/read is happening correctly in the design by chipscope debugger. We tried many other processor chain combinations and were able to get the metaware working with 8/9/10/11 processors but not 7 processor chain. Currently we have many such digilent HS2 RevA cables purchased online (Sandisk India Design Centre, Bangalore) and all of them facing the same issue. We have installed the new Adept driver digilent.adept.system_v2.16.4 and still the issue exist. We are suspecting hardware issue in the cable. Let me know if someone from Digilent support could have done a fix?
  3. Hi All, I am trying to install digilent driver for the digilent hs2 cable which i have. I want to install the driver on 64 bit red hat machine. I have metaware software which is 32 bit executable. does that mean i should install 32 bit version of digilent cable driver? metaware complains it not finding shared libraries in the runtime. I downloaded the 32 bit version and installed them but still it didn't find those shared libraries. I eventually added these shared libraries to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the 32 bit shared library. This is the guide i followed to install and go to downloading and installing digilent driver section. I also installed the digilent utility drivers to test if my jtag device is connected. It says no device. lsusb finds the FTDI chip. How can i make sure i have drivers installed correctly and i have jtag connected? other end of the cable is connected to the FPGA PMOD pins which inturn is connected to the 4 wire jtag pins of ARC processor. Thanks, Prashanth
  4. Hi, I use JTAG HS2 with Synopsys Metaware for ARC debugging. I can download the information successfully. However, the speed is very slow. The download speed is about 1KB/s. I checked the protocol with logic analyzer and found the root cause is that the gap between IR and DR is about 1ms. One DWORD takes IR-DR-IR-DR. Was the gap caused by HS2 HW, driver or software? Thanks!