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Found 1 result

  1. Waveforms metadata has improved in the past year, but I'd like to see still more. Here are 4 suggestions: Metadata from other tools in the instrument: For example, when saving oscilloscope results, I would like to have the power-supply and waveform settings reported as meta-data. I'm often characterizing circuits, and it would be good to have those important parameters saved automatically, instead of having to manually add them each time. Save measurements with traces: Also, exporting from the oscilloscope currently allows saving either the measurements or the waveforms, but the "Acquisition" option should save both, with the measurements included as comments in the file. Column headers as comments in tab-separated format: It would also be nice if in tab-separated format, the headers of the columns were done as a comment (at least as a selectable option), rather than uncommented. The plotting program I use does not like non-numeric values in the fields, but ignores comments. (There are various workarounds for the non-numeric values of the headers, but the easiest one is to modify the data file, which is not a practice I really want to encourage in engineering students—it is safest for data integrity to regard data files as untouchable.) Sticky notes: Finally, I find myself having to retype notes over and over, as I do experiments with one external parameter changes—it would be good if added notes were remembered from one export to the next, so that experimenter-added metadata could be edited easily, without needing to be retyped (or cut-and-pasted from an external file) each time.