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  1. Hi, I'm new to this and am considering buying these items chipKIT Max32 pmod OLEDrgb pmod JSTK2 My question is, how do I connect the pmod devices to the Max32? Do I need the following? Digilent Arduino PMOD shield I'm also considering getting a MPLAB Snap, would I need some sort of cable for that, like they mention in the video? Also, if I'd like to use what hardware do I need? Breadboard and cables?
  2. Hi, I've build a board using the pic32MX795L, the same as the Chipkit max32, (I have original Max32 and uC32.) I uploaded bootloader with Microchip Snap ( This is my setup: Arduino 1.8.8 Chipkit core Ver 2.0.6 Windows 10 64 bits FTDI driver version I am having an issue with max32 clone, I got error "No target found." As I can program my uC32 and Max32 without a problem, I think Arduino and Chipkit core are not the problem. Also, I can see PIC32 Tx and Rx with Saleae Logic; there is some data at PIC32 Rx pin, but no
  3. Hi all, I have been using MAX32 in bare-metal mode quite a bit, and I wrote some scheduler code for it. The code also does buffered debug printing over USB, and some basic error handling. I use this as start point for projects where I want very predictable timing. I find MAX32 very useful for this. The code is on Github here : and there is a write up at my website here: This mighty make a nice start point for anyone that has been using MAX32 as an Arduino bu
  4. I have at least 4 older chipKIT Max32s and a few Network shields for Ethernet and the CAN buses. Can I use the older Network shields on the newest Max32s from Digilent? Also, I will be creating my own shield soon, which will have 2 x CAN, 1 x RS485, at least one dsPIC for 2 x QEI communicating serially to the Max32, and use at least 4 PWMs, Are there differences in the shields? If I design a shield for the older chipKIT, will it work on the newest Max32? Is there a change log for the changes between the Max32s? It would be nice if the outside headers are in the same location and
  5. I am new to diligent max32 chipkit and max32. I have max32 and max32 chipkit with pickit3. Could you tell me the best starting point to learn programming on this embedded devices? I am interested to know about MPLABx and MPIDE.
  6. Howdy. I have what I think is a fairly basic question: Which (non-FPGA) processor boards support Pmod modules? Is there any chance to see a table that shows each of the current ARM and PIC32 processor boards down a left-hand column and then the quantity of each of the Pmod ports (of each different configuration) on the middle of the chart? Thanks
  7. I am getting a No Target Found message in the Arduino IDE when compiling and trying to load a sketch into a Chipkit MAX32 board. Is this a known problem? is there something I need to change / do to get the Arduino IDE to find the board and load the sketch? Any help with this issue is most appreciated. Regards.....Len
  8. Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure out what is the pinout for the push buttoms, I used 4,33,36,37, and did not work, I also used 4, 78, 80 and 81 due to a reference from my professor and stiil did not work If you guys can help me out will be great thanks ESSo
  9. Hi, I've build a board using the pic32MX795L, the same as the Chipkit max32 for research purpose. I can upload any code using the pickit 3 and a generated code from MPLAB X, but when I upload the bootloader from Digilent site, nothing happens. I manage to build a code in MPLAB to test the operation of the circuit and every thing seams ok, I can send and receive data over the UART1 @115200 baud with no problem. But when I upload the firmware with pickit, the device is not recognized by pic32prog. the message after a few seconds is "No target found." even when I hit the reset during up
  10. Monics

    Ethernet shield

    I am looking at using the Digilent modules together with Labview LINX (Makerhub), and I need a setup with ethernet connection to Labview/LINX. Digilent have retired the 410-211, Network Shield... but will I be able to use the Pmod NIC100 (together with max32 or uC32) and get support for ethernet interface through LINX....?Br,Martin Christiansen.
  11. hi, We have been happy to use chipkit max32 for quite some time now. Now we wanted to experiment a design that uses parts of the max32 circuitry. It turned out that when we have the crystal oscillator FQ7050B-8.000 (*1) connected to PIC32MX795F512, it uses an internal oscillator instead, and it runs slow. The model for the crystal oscillator is the one specified in chipkit schematics file (*2). If we replace it with the physical oscillator circuit removed from one of our chipkit max32 boards, controller performance becomes just as fast as in max32, and it is using the external oscillator
  12. Hi All, I have tried to use chipkitcan library from Sublime Deviot. Deviot uses platformio as build platform. I have been able to install the microchip legacy peripheral libraries in platformio and so able to compile, but I run into linker issues, symbols not found. The linker scripts for my architecture are properly found but it sounds to me that the static library for the peripheral is not found. I have verified that the linker script contains the OPTIONAL("libcmh_peripheral.a") and the same for the architecture specific linker and library. This works fine with IMPDE and with Ardui
  13. Hi All, I am trying to use the ChipKITCAN library. This is a wrapper for the microchip CAN network library. I am using the legacy peripheral library to do this. I have been able to build the demo using MPIDE but I haven't been able to run it successfully. Is there any clear set of steps to run the demo in a chipkit max32? Also, I have been able to build this using Arduino IDE but running in the same issue. Any help is appreciated.
  14. When I connect the Wi-Fi Shield to the Max32 board and print out the state of the pins on the Wi-Fi Shield Vs the I/O shield I get completely different reactions, even though they connect to the same exact slots except for A6-A11 which aren't being used on the Wi-Fi shield & are left unconnected. With the I/O shield the pins are all low (as they should be, there is nothing in the code to make them go high. With the Wi-Fi Shield, & the same code, there are 3 pins that light up for no reason (the ones associated w/ Btn2&4 & SW1 on the I/O board. What could this be?
  15. Hello, I am working with the chipKIT Max32, chipKIT Network Shield, and ti / Stanford Analog SHIELD from Digilent. I need to be able to generate various analog signal remotely (Ethernet). I have not been successful using the Analog SHEILD with the Max32 (much less the addition of the Network Shield). However, using my Arduino Uno, I am able to generate a signal using the "passthrough" and "ramp" example with the Analog Shield. I would continue to use the Uno, however, I need the extra digital I/O the Max32 (Mega format) has to offer. Also, I have verified basic communication with Max
  16. Are Analog Shield and Network Shields are compatible with the chipKIT Max32 at the same time? If so are there any special considerations? Thanks you for any help you can provide.
  17. A customer has asked us the following question: " I recently purchased a copy of Labview home bundle and Im trying to connect through the USB/serial port to a Chipkit Max 32 in order to download the LINX firmware wizard I have followed the instructions in the tutorials and all packages I believe are downloaded. the latest version of MPIDE and MPLAB are also installed. when using the wizard it does not recognize the com port the device is connected to COM4 and the modification has been done as per the tutorial to 1ms latency time. all it displays is ASRL1: and cannot be changed.
  18. Hello: I am trying to better understand the functionality of the Chipkit Max32 board with respect to the analogWrite command. I have been testing pins A4, A5, 21, 23, 44 and 45 using the anlogWrite function. I am testing each pin separately, i.e. one at a time. I have the pin connected to ground through a 180Ohm resistor and monitoring the voltage across the resistor using an oscilloscope. I am using the following code changing the pin number in the analogWrite for each pin: void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { for (int i=0;i<256;i++){ analogWrite(4,
  19. Hello: Where can I find information which describes the functions and capabilities of the pins on the board? I have the documents from the website, but do not understand the terminology such as AERXERR/RG15 or ECRX/SDA2/SDI2A/U2ARX/PMA4/CN9/RG7. I understand each term, ECRX, RG15 are specific functions, but where can I "decipher" these functions? Thank You
  20. Hello all This is related to the current hardware: Chipkit Max32 with Network Shield. Issue: Xively library files will not work with chipkit max32+ethernet shield. I have been suffering this change for a while, the MPIDE 2015 release got botched with the arduino update. I had to download the 2015 test release or rely on the totally functional 2013 release. Currently using the MPIDE 2015 test release. So, later on, getting the Xively library files proved to be difficult to utilize, errors on top of errors. Other option was to use the chipkit-core library files also avai
  21. I generated a code for my USART on a chipkit Max32 board using MPLab Harmony based on the tutorial given at this link The code compiles well and uploads to my board but when I try to interface it with my laptop it keeps reading 0xFF on the RX buffer and even when I tried sending a character (e.i: 0x20) the terminal on my computer won't see it. I tried with different terminal emulators (YAT, Realterm), I also downloaded the FTDI driver from but nothing seems to fix or change a thing abo
  22. I am working with the MAX32 board and want to control LD5. The schematic shows that the control for this LED is connected to RC1. However, the Reference guide (and the Excel pinout table show this as not assigned to a chipKIT pin number. If I were working with XC32 and the MPLAB X IDE, I would simply write TRISCCLR = 0x01; and then use LATCSET and LATCCLR to turn the LED on or off. What are my options if I want to stay in the Arduino IDE format? .
  23. Hi, I bought a Max32, and need to find out which one is pin 3 and which one is pin 5. Is there a spread sheet available for all the pin names please? Thanks, Jack
  24. Hi, I need to input a 50 ome 1 volt sine wave to Max32 under External Clock mode. Does Max32 only take square waves? Will this do any damage to my equipment please? Thanks, Jack
  25. Hi, Does anyone know whether I can replace the crystal oscillator in Max32 with some other oscillators please? I have a 10 MHz master clock, and want to use this clock in the microcontroller. Is it easy to replace the oscillator? Or do I need to unsolder something? Thanks, Jack