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Found 9 results

  1. Hey When i use the logger program inside Waveforms, then it works as it should, but the x-axis is reverse. As you can se in the picture, then I logged for almost 30 min, but point 0 for the data is at 0 min and the 0 min is when i shot of the logger. So now all my data is reverse. Is there some way for to solve this problem?
  2. Is it possible to use digital signals in addition to analog channels with the data logger (Logger) tool in WaveForms? I know this is possible with the Scope tool. However, I want to use digital signals generated from a MCU to delimit windows in long-running captures. Is it possible to access digital channels from a script using a function?
  3. Szia @attila! I'm using WaveForms 3.8.18 on Windows 10. I would like to chart the difference between the currently measured AC RMS compared to the average of the past x values. Is it possible to do with a script? Theoretically, if I could access the past values of the C1ACRMS from script it would be possible to calculate the average and the difference from that average. Or as another approach, can I access the current value of the "Average" column in the script? Let's say I name this script-based signal C1ACRMSDelta. I created another one for C2, and name it C2ACRMSDelta. Wi
  4. Hello, I am on the fence on buying a AD2 and have few questions regarding the data logger capability I am assuming that the max data logger input voltage is the same as the scope which is +25vDC, correct? If I used a scope probe with a 10x setting then will the max input signal be 50VDC? that seems obvious but I want to double check it. Thank you
  5. I have used the data logger in Waveforms Live on the Web, and it works fine so far, though it says Beta! But I do not find the Logger in the localhost version 1.1.2 which I will need to use where there is no Web connection. Perhaps I am not finding a version which has it, or perhaps it is to be in a future version. Please advise! I do understand that it is a significant programming effort to create!!!
  6. I'm trying to take accurate readings using the "Logger" module in Waveforms 2015. When I power up a simple DC circuit with +5V, and use a DMM I get readings of ~4.44 volts. However when I run the data logger module, all of the readings are <100 mV. Shouldn't the logger be reading ~4.44 volts, or is there some configuration I am missing Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, Just a suggestion: Give the users a preference setting to enable warnings when an action is about to delete/reset data in the scope or logger windows. E.G. I want to use the logger to record a DC voltage over a very long time (hours). If I change certain settings like the time/division the plot is reset automatically with no warning and the data I have been recording is lost. I would like to be able to save that data before it is lost. A dialog that warns that data is about to be lost and gives the user the option of exporting it would be very useful. I know it could be a
  8. No big priority, but perhaps an improvement for next versions? As you can see in the attached pic the channel traces have different plot width (at least on my system) even when I use the same colors. Not a big thing but I thought perhaps a improvement for future versions? Thanks in advance, Hans.
  9. Dear forum I'm trying to log the activity on the I2C bus using my Analog Discovery 2 and the Logic Analyzer tool. I remember someone posted a script that will let you log all of the data. Can someone refer me to that post? Also, the specific protocol that I'm trying to decode is SVID (Serial voltage ID, Intel) that is based on I2C but with lower voltage threshold (0 to ~1V). I cannot find the option to change the threshold in Logic Analyzer. Within a script, could this be achieved? Thanks !