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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I'm using DMM Shield and its Arduino library in my project and I need to know under what license the DMM Shield Library is. Could somenone please clarify this? Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I use ZyBo for a long of time and now that my license expired I want to update it. I live in France and I haven't found a provider that gives just a voucher to continue using Vivado/Vivado HLS and SDK. I found some websites like this that provide the voucher but plus staff that I don't need. Is there a place where I can buy the voucher/license without anything else here in Europe. Thanks in advance, Spyros
  3. The EULA presented during installation of the WaveForms software indicates that only one copy of WaveForms is permitted to be installed per hardware product. How can additional WaveForms licenses be obtained? Thanks in advance! Chris
  4. I have an Arty-35 evaluation board that came with a device-locked, node-locked Vivado license. (BTW, the board and tools are very nice). Does my limited Vivado license also cover programming the Cmod A7: Breadboardable Artix-7 FPGA Module which also uses an Artix-7 A7-35T FPGA component? I think they're the same Artix-7 device, so it seems like it should work. I'd like to purchase one of these Cmod A7 FPGA DIP devices, but I want to be sure my Vivado license will cover it.
  5. Hi, Could anyone share their experience with Genesys 2 and Vivado voucher license? The Genesys 2 Vivado license (acquired via voucher) is node and board locked. I wonder how restrictive board lock is: Can I generate the bitstream on one computer (the "node" license is locked to) and program on another? Does the the board need to be connected to the "node" for Viviado to work? (or the lock is just put in the bitstream?) If I have two Genesys 2 boards, do I have to have two copies of Vivado installed? Thanks, Peter
  6. The Digilent-recommended way to get a license for Vivado WebPACK doesn't seem to lead to anything other than a 30-day eval license. What am I missing? I have a Cmod 7 (Artix 7), and am following the Digilent tutorials to get started. That leads to the "Installing Vivado" page here:, which describes where to download Vivado WebPACK (, which now offers version 2017.3). After downloading (1.5 hours) and installing, subsequent steps in Vivado > License Mana
  7. The arty comes with a one year Vivado Design Edition, when that subscription ends and I'm forced to switch to the Vivado Web Pack Edition, what features/tools will I lose? Also, will it greatly impact my ability to design stuff (on a hobbyist/learning level) or would I hardly notice they are gone? I think the C code is only included in the one year license, correct?
  8. I am having a hell of a time activating my license. When I click on the Vivado License Manager I get an error: "Error when launching C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2016.4\bin\vlm.bat: Launcher time out " I read something about uninstalling any Microsoft Redistributes Package prior to 2010. Dose anyone know how to work around this problem? I have several but I know if I get rid of them it will crash other programs that put them there. I included my install log. xinstall.log
  9. When I click Vivado License Manager to activate the Vivado Design Tools license, I am met with a window asking me to either "repair", or "uninstall" Microsoft 2012 C++ redistrobutables. It doesn't matter if I repair, I get the same message next time. If I uninstall I get the message asking for the installation of the same Microsoft C++ package. If I install it the next time I click on VLM I get the same error. Does anyone know how to work around this problem? Iv included my Xilinx install log. Im sort of new to FPGA development, any help is greatly appreciated. xinstall.log
  10. Hi, I founded that the Vviado v2014.4 Webpack edition didn't support the device Virtex7 690 which is mounted on NetFPGA SUME board. I would like to know how I could got the license to proceed the study with NetFPGA SUME. I know a device locked license is usually provided with the development FPGA board. But I can't find the information on the box and fayer. Please help me to got the license. Thanks for reply.
  11. Good Day, I just purchased and received the Zed board from you folks. According to the product page, I'm supposed to have a voucher for one of the non-free versions of Vivado. Although the CD was shipped, I couldn't find a voucher. Where may I acquire it? Also, my understanding is that this license is device locked. So, I've been using Vivado free edition with my Nexys4 DDR. In order to keep using that board, am I going to need to have a separate install of Vivado - i.e. one free for my Nexys4 DDR and one for the Zed board? Thanks, Dave
  12. Years ago I purchased my Atlys board. At that time I had ISE webpack already installed on my PC since I used it on my other boards and also all my designs were state machine based hence this setup was enough and I didn't bother much about license matters. Today I'm using more complex boards and ublaze extensively. However, it always comes very handy to use my old boards to test portions of my designs before moving to the big system. Specially since this allows me to work from home without having to carry the -very expensive- boards. However the XPS in the Ise webpack (14.7) does
  13. I bought a ZYBO and the device locked license in March and figured I'd wait until 2016.1 come out to activate the license since the 201X.1 versions always come out in April. It looks like Xilinx expanded the Webpack support to include all of the features of the Design Edition with the exception that it is device limited ( I've built a design with the Webpack and an ILA without any trouble, so did I buy something completely worthless and is there any way I can get a refund on it if I haven't yet activated it? Also, if it is
  14. Dear Sir, I am facing problem in getting license for Vivado Design Suite I have vouchers with written code on it found in FPGA kintex-7 box, but when we follow procedure by applying online it gives error of failure in export compliance verification I tried from different account and from different locations but error remained same. The Error is "We cannot fulfill your request as your account has failed export compliance verification. Please visit for a possible solution to resolve this error. "
  15. I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and VIVADO 2014.4. I am trying to boot Linux on a zybo (7000)board, I tried to generate a bit stream and it is showing that the synthesis is failed. I have also attached a file. I also have a voucher from the digilent and used to generate a license file .lic. I opened the license manager many times and showed the license path and it said that the license was successfully installed.
  16. Hi how is the file (license) to lock the Vivado baysis3 sent? I got the confirmation i ordered it. The order file says it is the only email? Does this come from Xilinix? I can't find anywhere the website or the forum telling me how i am to obtain the code license or what ever? I have downloaded 15.1 but I don't know what to do next. My Basys 3 board arrives Monday. I would like to have the software ready to get started. Thanks Rex
  17. Hi there, I've four Zybo boards with four vouchers for vivado. The question: Can I use one -and only one- license (full seat, node locked, device-locked for vivado) for generate bitstream for all of the Zybo boards that I have ? Or I need to claim all vouchers for the four zybo ? Thanks, RoTTe
  18. hoangt

    License for EDK 14.7

    I have problem for evaluated license of EDK 14.7. According Xilinx's statement, they stopped delivery evaluated license for EDK and suggested contact company to get evaluated license. So I just wonder if Digilent can support evaluated license for EDK Best /TH
  19. I have a customer asking the following question. If I buy the $10 Basys 3-locked Vivado Design Suite, would the license enable me to install it on more than one computer? And if not, could I purchase an additional copy for another $10? Can I someone answer?