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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am working on a project in which i want to send signal from Arduino board to Zybo . For this purpose i want to connect the HC05 with Pmod BT2. I go through from Pmod BT2 reference manual but i did not find any thing which is used to configure Pmod as master slave. Kindly tell me how to configure Pmod as master or slave while dealing with HC05 with Arduino?
  2. I am working on a project in which i have to transfer .txt file from SD-Card to DDR and then from DDR to PL of ZYBO. I'm a beginner on ZYBO and don't know how to perform it. Please help me out with this problem...
  3. Hi, I am working on a project in which i am receiving a signal from a sensor. I transmit this signal to Pmod BT2 of Zybo from arduino board. I am receiving this signal on SDK of Xilinx and i want to transfer this signal to Programming Logic part (PL) of zybo. What will be the procedure to send this signal to PL from Pmod BT2?. What Changes i should made in my verilog code to transfer this signal to Programming Logic(PL) part of Zybo. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I am working on a project using ZYBO and i want to print different characters on Screen. So, can anyone please tell me how can I print a single character on screen without coloring each character pixel by pixel? And also is there anyway to use ascii to print characters on screen directly? if there is any such way then please let me know... Thanks,
  5. Abdul Qayyum

    Interfacing of BT2 Pmod with ZYBO

    Hi, I am working on a project on ZYBO and i want to interface the Bluetooth Pmod with ZYBO so that i will be able to communicate with Serial Bluetooth Terminal(Android Application). I have attached the code and block design that i'm using for communication purpose. Is there any error in it because i can't achieve my goal with them. Secondly there is no issue while connecting Pmod with Serial Bluetooth Terminal but when i enter "$$$" in SDK Terminal it do not show anything. Thanks BT2 Pmod c file.txt
  6. I am trying to use the Pmod I2C Interface with Zynq Zedboard with I2C Interface. And, I have completed the bitstream generation. But while doing the SDK portion and running the main.c file, it is not giving any output as given in this thread. I this thread you have replied as "I have attached a generic IIC IP core named PmodACL. You will need to alter the PmodACL.h , PmodACL.c and the main.c using the Pmod TMP3 and the datasheet here as a reference." Can you provide the altered code as I am not able to understand what are the alterations required? Here, I am attaching the link of the thread. Please help me regarding this ASAP. This is the source which I am following.

    how to find the clock cycles using microblaze

    hi every one i m beginner on micro blaze i just want to know how much these instruction use the clock cycles variable s0 would be mapped to a register (in register file) x5, and s1 to x6; the assembly code would be load s0 from memory to register file (how much clock cycle it takes ) load s1 from memory to register file (how much clock cycle it takes ) do the logical AND (how much clock cycle it takes) address calculation and store instruction (how much clock cycle it takes)