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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. My project includes cmod-s7 and HS3 connected to the XC7A35T. I work on windows 10. Everything worked correctly, but sometimes the system lost connection to the devices. Reinstalling the Digilent drivers helped. The last time (today), this happened, and the reinstallation had no effect. These devices appear in the device manager, but Adept2 does not detect them. Replacing USB cables is also not effective. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have a MYIR Z-turn board with a Zc-7020 SoC. Recently, I bought an HS3 programming cable, however for some reason, I cannot get the HS3 to communicate with the Zynq7. I am using Vivado 2017.4. I already use the DLC9 programming cable and it is able to programme the PL part of the SoC however, I need the 100MHz clock to run and there is no documentation that show how to start the PS part using the DLC9 programming cable - that is why I bought the HS3 cable. Can anyone help please?
  3. I have a Z-Turn FPGA, based around a Xilinx Zynq 7020. Unfortunately, its JTAG port is 2x7 with 2.54mm pitch. I just realized the HS3 uses 2.00mm pitch. Is there a recommended way to convert the pin pitch? I designed my own board, but an existing option would be more convenient.
  4. We are currently using the Digilent JTAG HS3 cable. Our setup does not allow enough room for the module without using a right angle connector from our FPGA board which has a 2x7 pin header. On the other end we have a Motherboard with a 4 pin USB header. I'm looking for advice thoughts on a simple solution to go from a our FPGA board with the 2x7 pin header which has little vertical space (so need a right angle connection) to the Motherboard 4 pin USB header. Maybe this can't be done with a single cable? Maybe it needs to be several separate parts (i.e., right angle connector + JTAG HS3 + U
  5. I just received my JTAG-HS3 Rev A programming cable and if I plug it into my windows 10 machine I don't see anything unique showing up in the device manager. I know something is popping on and off because I can hear the device attached and device detached sounds from windows. So what should it show up as?
  6. Hi - I just received my HS3 adaptor, am learning FPGA on a Numato Mimas dev board. But the Mimas has a 14 pin connector on 0.1" pitch (looks like a standard ribbon connector). Checking the schematic against the HS3 docs, the pinout is the same. is an adapter available? or can you give the connector type for the HS3 so I can make one? thanks Daniel
  7. Hi, We have bought two JTAG-HS3 debuggers. One of them works perfectly, but the other one keeps returning: "1 whole scan chain (device configuration stabilizing)" or "1 whole scan chain (device configuration unstable)" when using the "targets" command. Any idea what could be the problem? Best regards Lars
  8. I'm having a problem with a brand new HS3 that has stop being recognized by impact after few days. When I received it, I used it several times to program my spartan 6 using impact. But suddently for no reason, without even having touch the board or the HS3, it stoped being recognized. So I tried the HS3 from a friend and his one is working in the same condition. For helping diagnostic, I can say that when I connect the HS3 to windows, it is recognized by the OS. Also, I can use FT_PROG to interact with the FTDI chip, read his programmation. But I can't see the HS3 with impact or even with
  9. I've read some previous posts mentioning that the HS3 should show up in the device manager under USB controllers as a USB to serial converter. For some reason my HS3 doesn't show up anywhere. Windows doesn't automatically detect it and install the driver for it, etc. Any suggestions for what might be preventing Windows from doing this? Update - Bad cable, after cable replacement Windows saw the HS3 and installed the driver correctly.
  10. ebkt

    How to reconfig HS3?

    I accidentally reflashed my HS3 with FTDI tool(FT_prog). Can I reconfig the EERPM? and How?
  11. alex.watson

    JTAG HS3 Header

    I need to select a header to which the JTAG HS3 cable can connect. I don't see a one that is specifically made for the HS3, so I'm just looking for a header with a 2mm pitch, 14 pins total, and 2 rows. Is there any mechanical information available for the HS3? I plan to use a right-angle header, so I need to be sure that there's enough clearance for the connector.
  12. Has anybody used one of the USB over CAT5/6 extenders with a Digilent JTAG programming cable? Something like this: We're trying to program devices that are either in different rooms or across the room from the programming computer. The main concern is that USB may not be able to supply enough power for both adapters and the JTAG device. Thanks, Will