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Found 1 result

  1. My trusty AD 1 seems to have developed a fault. If I connect the AD to the USB and run Waveforms and use the spectrum view I see some peaks at 13.02kHz, 26.04kHz, 39.06kHz on channel 2 that are not present on channel 1 and are not present on a different AD unit that I have. The units are both Rev C. Take a look at the attached screen capture. There is another peak at 52kHz but this is down in the noise. I have also noticed that if I generate a signal on the AWG2 with no external connections, say 50kHz, this then appears on the spectrum of the channel 2 input. If I do the same with AWG1, then nothing appears on either channel. Perhaps there is some connection between these 2 issues. Unfortunately I am looking at some small signals in the audio band and these peaks are getting in the way. I suspect that I may have somehow damaged channel 2 in the past and not realised. Does any one have any ideas where to look in the unit? I have some of the schematic from the documentation. Thanks, Kevin