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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have the Genesys ZU-3EG REV B board and would like to use it with the latest Xilinx tools - Vivado/Vitis 2021.1. The git repository for the Hello World demo that I want to start with (branch 3eg/master) is apparently for the latest rev. D of the board and version 2020.1 of the Xilinx tools. Where can I find the Hello World git repo for Rev. B of the board and what is the migration path to use it with the latest Xilinx tools Vivado/Vitis 2021.1? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, according to the image from GenesysZu-3eg, I can see a HDMI Tx and Rx interface. Can I solder a tx and Rx HDMI port according to the schematic and use this connection? Can I have this support from Digilent? Is there any established circuit connection or just the design? Since it is not sure when 5ev will release, this kind of support will be really helpful.
  3. I attempted to load the ZMod ADC1410 A/D converter for the Genesys ZU3 board IP into my Vivado design (2019.2). However, the ADC1410 controller cannot be loaded into Vivado 2019.2 because the IP does not support the Genesys board. As a result, I have a AXI interface board for a board IP that won't load. Is there an update to the Vivado IP so that the AD board will work on Genesys ZU3?
  4. Is there any Linux SD card image for Genesys-ZU that will boot into Ubuntu ? Otherwise, is there any manual that can help to build the image?