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Found 3 results

  1. s223523

    Zybo processing image

    Hi, I am developing a game on a Zybo board. I have already programmed the VGA and a NES controller in VHDL. Now I am facing the problem of implementing the game. I want to use level backward image and running sprite image of the characters of the game on them. My questions are: how can I store the images of the levels and the sprite sheet on the RAM? and how can I process those images for running the game? Thank you
  2. Hi everybody I want to show my project connected with Jumping-Jack game from 1983. I created it for my dissertation to graduate engineer studies on my university. Although it was created originally for Altera DE1 it can be easily ported on any Xilinx device (it was tested on Artix-7 too with big success). The only difference is that in this case you have just to change PLL component to DCM one to achieve apprioprate graphic clock rate - the rest of project is not needed to change. It runs on 1280x1024, 60 Hz - the ratio is not important - it looks fine both on 4:3 and 16:9. The project is written in VHDL. Here are photos from my project (the game is shown on Samsung panoramic LCD monitor from 2007): Here is the link to the package with .vhd files to project: NOTE: it is not ideal but it is playable If any questions write to me on the following e-mail adress: [email protected] Greetings, Jacob
  3. I finally got some time to design my own Color Invaders project, originally inspired by Hamster's own Colour Invaders project. I ended up writing a lot of my own code for it since I have a personal thing about using somebody else's code in it's entirety, although Hamster's code obviously has a heavy influence on it's overall construction (thank you for posting it!). This game is similar to the classic Space Invaders game, or more closely related to Casio's Number Invaders on the calculator, where you have a stream of incoming invaders of a variety of colors coming down the WS2812 LED strip and you have to adjust the color of your missile to match the color of the first invader via the PmodENC (a rotary encoder). You can check out how I made the project as well as a small video showing some of it in action at