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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to make conventional FT2232H JTAG work with the CMOD A7. The method is standard and has been used for many years (e.g. xc3sprog.exe), my code works with many other boards, including the Digilent-licensed adapters sold by Trenz-Elektronik. My board itself is functional (Vivado Hardware manager recognizes it correctly), but I can't get my own JTAG code to work: The data readback pin of the JTAG interface appears to be stuck on HIGH. Any attempt to read IDCODE, or loop data through BYPASS mode, returns all-ones 0xFF. Unfortunately, there is a missing page in the schematic: The TMS, TCK, TDI_FPGA and TDO_FPGA lines (page 2 quadrant B2) seem to go nowhere. My question: Can you please provide the necessary information to make a "conventional" FTDI JTAG interface work with this board? It would be a very interesting module, but I need my own JTAG ... Maybe I'm missing only some GPIO settings for the remaining pins of the FT2232H bank, but without documentation there isn't much I can do.
  2. Hello: I have some question about PC – FPGA Data Transfer,I want to use synchronous FIFO mode to achieve pc to FPGA data transfer: 1:I did not burn the hardware program into the FPGA board, only the upper-computer software to read the data into the chip FIFO, and then use the upper-computer software to read the data from the FIFO.Is this okay?as shown in the Fig 1. 2:Do you have the upper-computer software to achieve pc to FPGA data transfer by synchronous FIFO Fig 2. My FPGA board is Nexys Video™ FPGA Board. thanks Wang
  3. hello, The following is my description of the problem: I use the FPGA board is nexy Nexys Video A7 board, want to achieve usb and PC information transmission, want to use the synchronization fifo mode,I used FTDI software (FT_Prog.exe) to eeprom into 245fifo mode, but vivado since then show the link is not the device, bit file can not be written. I have two the same board, another board did not eeprom configuration before, vivado can link to the equipment, but after the configuration also appeared in this issue, is not my configuration eeprom there is a problem?Here's my screenshot of the problem。 I hope you will solve this problem for me。 wang
  4. Dear Digilent Team, I have just reprogrammed the ft2232h eeprom in the FT_PROG. Now the Vivado says: "There is no current hw_target." So it looks that I were destroyed the EEPROM code in the nexys video. Could You send me a program to fix this issue ? Thank You. andrewna
  5. Jensen

    Genesys 2 FT2232H

    Hello, I have a Digilentinc Genesys 2 board, my project needs to communicate between a PC and the FPGA. Because the data needs to travel at high speed I use the FT2232H-chip. I already can send data from the pc to the FPGA. But sending data from the FPGA to the PC isn't possible. My code(Verilog and Labview) works with a custom board with the same FT2232H-chip but not with the Genesys2. The problem is that the USB_TXEN doesn't go LOW. Is it possible that I need to set the USB-jumper(s) on another position? Does anybody know another source of this problem? With friendly regards, Jensen