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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Just accidentally flashed the EEPROM attached to the FT2232 device on the Arty. The board is dead without the USB connection. Been using for 2 months without issues until today. In Vivado it is showing: "ERROR: [Labtoolstcl 44-469] There is no current hw_target.". when trying to Auto Connect with the target in Hardware Manager. Within FT_Prog (FTDI's flash tool), the registers (e.g. serial number, vendor ID, D2XX/VCP driver ...) can all be read and modified. How can it be restored back to Digilent factory setting? Is there an FT_Prog template that we can
  2. Hi, I'm following these steps: Ubuntu 18.04. Vivado 2019.2. Arty A7 35T. Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H. Cables are placed correctly. Steps are correctly but the last doesn't work. But when I try to do the step Vivado Installing Configuration to Device, Vivado doesn't recognize my Arty. The drivers and lsusb: I think the problem is the FT2232 EEPROM, how can I restore it? Any help, please? That's all, if you need more inform
  3. Hi, I'm developing a design for the ZyBo and I'm using JTAG to communicate a PC with a microblaze. I'm using the onboard FT2232HQ to achieve this, but it is configured as UART -> Virtual COM Port and 245 FIFO -> D2XX Direct, so I can't see the JTAG connection as a COM port in the PC (which is what I need). I know that this can be changed using FT Prog, but I've seen that a lot of people had problems connecting the board with Vivado after changing the FT2232 configuration. Is it safe to make changes in the FT2232 configuration? Thanks, Xabier
  4. Hi, I'm using an CMOD A7 board that use an FT2232HQ USB-UART bridge. I have installed the driver from FTDI Chip Community and all work perfectly but sometimes there is an issue. I have about 10 board, if i connect one to pc and try to communicate with it, all work, sometimes if i disconnet this board and connect another the Pc recognized it but i can't communicate with it. I don't know why but to bypass this issue i need to open device manager and uninstall the USB Composite Device Driver and install it again and all work correctly. This is an issue because i won't to do t
  5. manu80

    Nexys Video & FT2232

    Hello, I have found some discrepancies between two documents of Nexys Video board (datasheet (2016) & schematics (2014)). In the datasheet there are references to a FT2232 chip for PC-FPGA data transfer (page 13). However this chip is not located in Nexys Video schematics. In addition in the datasheet there are discrepancies of the FT2232 connector: J13 in figure 2 (page 7) and J12 in figure 6 (page14). In the shematics the most similar connector is J15, but it is not wired to FT2232. Please could you clarify the discrepancies? Is the schematic available on the website an update
  6. We refer to "PC - FPGA Data Transfer (DPTI/DSPI)" function detailed into the Genesys User Manual The IC20-FT2232 is clearly visible on the Genesys 2 Board but is undocumented in board schematic, UCF connection are missing, In this approach This function is fully unusable. Question 1: Can Anybody provide details on the IC20 Gost connectivity...!!!!. Question 2: Is This port compatible with ADEPT SDK?? Luigi