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  1. Hello everybody, I am building a Petalinux v2019.1 project to save images using v4l2 driver. The pipeline is simple which includes Pcam-> MIPI csi2 rx subsystem -> sensor Demosaic -> video frame buffer write When I use v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-fmt-video=widhth=1280,height=720,pixelformat=RGB24 --stream-mmap --stream-count=1 --stream-to = test.raw to save the Image. test.raw file is saved however it is of size zero. When asked on forums it turned out that there is issue with output format. According to Pcam reference manual it supports RAW10, RGB565 , CCIR656, YUV42
  2. Hello, I am a beginner in FPGA development. I would like to design applications in Financial Technology, Quantitative Risk Management/Simulation, High Frequency / Low Latency Algorithmic Trading, AI / Machine Learning and Digital Signal Processing. I am planning to buy the Nexys video Artix-7 to start developing the core FPGA design skills and progressively prototype benchmark/ Proof-of-Concept (PoC) demo applications using the full computational capacity of the Artix-7 XC7A200T. Could you please advise what would be the best data/peripheral connection options to achieve high t
  3. I have an I/0 limited application and looking through the Digilent catalog I find several boards with FMC/HPC connectors and am wondering if the pins can be used as general I/O ports. For example, the Genesys-2 board. If so, can you recommend a mezzanine card to communicate signals to and from the FMC connector? Cheers,
  4. I'm trying to use Pcam FMC with a ZCU102. I've looked through this post so I know there may be a way forward by editing the netlist using post synthesis constraining. Because the I2C switch select lines are grounded on the ZCU102, I can only communicate with CAMA so going to use this as a one camera interface. I've also verified the IO requirements and other architecture requirements. So far, I don't see anything stopping me from using to interface with camera A with a ZCU102. However, I want to use the MIPI D-PHY Xilinx IP but need help with the configuration. Looking through the timing
  5. It's not easy adding Analog to your Digital for non-audio applications on a typical FPGA development board. I thought that some of you might find my experiences with the following useful. All of the following can be found from a distributor like Mouser or Digi-Key. You have to be careful because, especially for high speed ADC/DAC EVMs a lot of boards have HSMC and FMC type connectors that aren't compatible with the standard interfaces. Sometime you can cobble up a work-around but usually not. Before spending any money on an EVM you need to do this**: Read the data sheet for the feat
  6. Hello, I'm designing a custom FMC board to use with my Genesys 2. Is there any informations about GTX and serdes pair length ? Thanks
  7. Designing a FMC Daughter Card to work with the Gensys2 Module. This will use all 10 Gb/s channels along with SysRef and Clk lines. Are there application notes available for such designs? Can you provide the track lengths from the FPGA to the FMC connector so that we can balance the overall track lengths on the combined boards. Any other advice welcome.
  8. Hi there, I'm new to the world of FPGAs, and was able to get my hands on the aforementioned Zedboard. I wanted to hook up a camera module to it for some real time processing stuff but I can't seem to find a suitable module. I've looked up PCAM-5c but it isn't compatible with my board although I did find some TerAsic although I'm not sure if they'll work or not. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  9. Hi, I will be working with a Genesys II and just wanted to confirm the pin layout for the FMC connector that comes with it. From the CAD drawing and the ASP-134486-01 drawing it seems like pin A1 would be found in the inner left cover next to the dot on the CAD drawing. Just wanted to confirm if that was correct or not. Couldn't find it on any documentation. Thanks! Michael
  10. Hi, I'm an unexperienced Zedboard user. I want to connect to the FMC-LPC connector, and route those signals to another board. How can I do it? Possibly using components that I can solder by hand. I asked the question at the Zedboard support forum and they replied "Please ask your question over at digilent as they are the main contact for educational support." Thank you.
  11. sdm

    FMC-CE Breaks JTAG Chain

    I've got the FMC-CE board plugged into a ZC706, and when I try to load open the Hardware Manager in Vivado, it finds my HW target, but there are no devices found. After a little digging I found that there is an FMC design rule that if you don't use the JTAG chain you need to tie the FMC TDI pin to the TDO pin. Looking at the schematic, this isn't done on the FMC-CE board. Both of these FMC pins (D30, D31) are disconnected. What's the best way to work around this to enable JTAG debug when this board is installed?
  12. Hello, I am trying to initialize the ADV7611 Chip of the Digilent FMC-HDMI add-on Board. But I can't find the needed addresses for it (this doesn't help). I am using the xiic.h Driver from xilinx. The initalization of ADV7511 Chip of the zc702 was successfully. Have anyone a idea?? I am using the zc702 and the digilent FMC-HDMI Card.
  13. Mohammad Ahmad


    FMC-HDMI can work at [email protected]/24bit RGB and [email protected]/24bit RGB (HDTV)?
  14. I am gonna start a project with the following setup (attached the overview). I am doing a scaling function on the FPGA. I was thinking about the Nexys Video Development Board. This board got an DP output. But it only has HDMI as input/output. I know that HDMI is almost DVI. I don't think I can use an adapter. I need the DVI-connector and not HDMI-connection. Prioritized is the DVI--> FPGA--> DP connection. Next comes DP--> FPGA--> DP. I need the DVI input according to the picture. I have been reading about a FMC DVI I/O on Avnet but I can not find it. Any help
  15. Arash


    Hi; I'm trying to connect High Tech Global "4-Port SATA / 4-Port SFP+ FMC Module (Vita57.1) " to NetFPGA SUME to use 4 X SFP+ via FMC. I connected this FMC module to different FPGA boards and it works fine, but it doesn't work with NetFPGA SUME. I used different implementations such as: I used NetFPGA SUME nic_reference design and changed the constraints based on the fmc_gtwizard constraints file to connect to the FMC module. The modified nic-efrence design is failed to pass the tests and it doesn't recei
  16. hello, I want to interface zedboard(PL-Section) with external ad7768-4 ADC board using SPI interface via FMC_LPC connector. i have following questions: 1) how i can set SPI interface in zedboard (i mean, where i can assign "sclk, cs#, sdi, sdo" pins from ad7768-4 adc board to zedboard(PL-section) ) ? 2) can I access QSPI Flash by using PL-section of zynq 7000 ? 3) what is the meaning of QSPI Feedback, where it should be connected? 4) can i use QSPI in standard mode ? please help me ! Thank you
  17. Hello everyone, I'm migrating my ancient project from the Nexys2 to the Nexys Video, in UCF, the Hirose FX2 signals on the Nexys2 were declared as LVTTL I/O standards, while the FMC signals are declared as LVCMOS in the XDC files provided on the Digilent Resource Center. After doing some researches, I know that LVTTL and LVCMOS differ by their input voltages. In the paragraph of Power Supplies in datasheet of the Nexys Video, il mentions " An FPGA design can dynamically change the VADJ voltage to suit a certain FMC mezzanine card or application. Care must be taken to disable the re
  18. Documentation on the NetFPGA-1G-CML (Reference Manual for rev E revised July 16, 2014) says that the FMC connector can support SATA II data rates. I believe that this means 3 Gb/s. Can it also support SATA III (6 Gb/s)?
  19. Hi, I'm trying to figure out if the Nexys Video is compatible with this USB3.0 FMC board. I sent the makers an email asking if they knew if it was compatible with the Nexys Video and they replied; Our module works only with Vita57.1 or 57.4 FPGA carrier boards. Is the below mentioned Digilent board Vita57 compliant? We could not verify this based on the information posted on their website. The only details I could find myself at that it is a "Low Pin Count FMC connector" which seems like it is compatible with Vita57 in some way? Thanks for your help! Tim 'mithro' Ansel
  20. The FMC-CE: Basic Input/Output Expansion Board has SMC connectors that I would like to use with my Nexys Video Artix-7 FPGA, has anyone used this FMC with the Nexys Video FPGA?
  21. I'm interested in the Nexys Video FPGA board. In most areas the board is just what I need. The one I need to verify is parallel I/O. In my application, I will need 40 or 50 general-purpose I/O signals. These will connect to a custom-made board. In the case of the Nexys Video board, the connection will need to be through the FMC connector. I've looked for these connectors and find the Digikey says "no longer made". Also, your website doesn't have any of the connectors for sale. Is there any way I could get a connector to put on my own board to match the FMC on the Nexys Video?
  22. Hi, I have the Genesys 2 FPGA with the AD9739A connected at the FMC port. According to the datasheet the input-pins for the AD9739A are differential. The corresponding pins at the Genesys are the fmc_la-pins which are single ended. How are these pins suppose to be configured to work with the AD9739A? I have tried to use the reference design from Analog devices but i seems to be out of date. Any suggestions on how I should solve this problem? //Daniel
  23. Dear sirs, I have just bought a new HDMI-FMC from digilent. I wanna to connect it to zedboard (Zynq ZC702) to read real-time video and display. The diagram likes: HDMI camera --> FMC --> Zedboard --> HDMI output --> Screen. But, there is not any reference design for that. I found FMC has 2 HDMI input port, one uses ADV7611 and another uses AD8195. Can you give me some advices about the reference design or architecture that I can use to solve that work. Thank you very much! Delfy
  24. Hello, I am prototyping a concept on the Nexys Video Board. I would like to use the FMC connector and build my own FMC-like board. I will be using both GTP and SERDES outputs. considering the speeds (2.4Gbps, 300Mbps) I need to make sure signal integrity is up to standards all the way from FPGA Ball to the chip on my FMC board including connectors and co. Therefore I need info on the Nexys Video Layout. could you provide: -full layout so I can do post-layout model extraction for the GTP and SERDES io lines, for simulation with Hyperlynx? or -hyperlyn
  25. Hi I want to buy your produce "FMC-HDMI: Dual HDMI Input Expansion Card" and i want to know i can connected this FMC board to Xilinx Ml605 board? if I can , do you have sample code for this?