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Found 5 results

  1. Normally I would have had a question for the forum now. However, shortly before sending the question, I found the cause of the problem myself. As it turned out, it is not a problem but only a lack of information about the Vivado development environment. Therefore, here is my question and the direct answer to it. (so that others don't waste their time) The question would have been: I have written a small Verilog description which only flashes one LED. It can be programmed into the board with the USB cable and it works. Then I tried to program this
  2. Hi, I am able to program my CMOD A7-35t FPGA using either Adept 2 or xc3sprog. Using Adept 2 (after downloading and installing the runtime and utility deb files): djtgcfg enum djtgcfg prog -d CmodA7 -i 0 -f design.bit Using xc3scprog (after sudo apt-get install xc3sprog): xc3sprog -c jtaghs1_fast -T xc3sprog -c jtaghs1_fast design.bit I am not able to see a flash device with either Adept 2 or xc3sprog. All I can see is one device, the FPGA. Is there a way to program the flash memory with either Adept 2 or xc3sprog? Thanks. I created
  3. Hello, I have a Digilent ARTY Z7-20 Board. I could program the S25FL128SAGMFI001 QSPI FLASH on the board. But unfortunately one day while I was programming the flash, a friend of mine accidentally pressed the RESET button the board. After that, I could not program the FLASH anymore. I have copied the console output. I would be happy, if someone could help me. I really need to program the FLASH. Is the FLASH broken after this accident. Would a replacement of the FLASH if I replaced it with a new one? Kind Regards Kerem OKTEM cmd /C
  4. I am using Vivado 2017.4 and using the download.bit image (and .elf file with offset) with the "Program Flash Memory" function in SDK. This follows your MicroBlaze tutorial and has been working well using the same CmodA7 module. I've bought several of these and when I connected a different one there have been a few issues. Using Windows 7 64 bit, the first time a new module is plugged in, it has to install it as a new device. This makes Device Mangler assign a new Com port number to it. Sometimes Windows thinks it's some kind of electronic pen and I've had to delete the driver and le
  5. Hi, I am using genesis 2 board for my ongoing project. For flash programming, I have followed this tutorial. But now I am using Microblaze that's why I need to use SDK. But, I don't know how store SDK project into flash. I followed the "Getting started with Microblaze". But, If I want to upload the whole project to the flash what should I do? So, when I power up the Genesys 2 and connect the UART port by terminal application (Teraterm), The program will boot up from the flash and display the "Hello world" on the terminal display. Any suggestion will be very helpful. Thanks.