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Found 7 results

  1. So I am trying to program the FIFO and the UART on the Digilent USB104A7. I have the block design for the FIFO and UART. My next step is exporting it to Vitis and create the C/C++ code for it. The code should write/put data into the FIFO/UART and then display it into Tera Term. My question is that I have no idea where to start on the code. I am hoping that someone has this code already or can help me get started.
  2. Hi. I'm using zynq board. I'm a beginner. In my design, I used aurora8b10b IP (with framing mode) . It has AXI_ tdata, tkeep ,tlast,tvalid port. I controlled these signal in my custom logic. What I want to do is reading a frame data from aurora on the PS side. When I see the axi stream fifo, I have similar ports. Can I use this? Or should we use DMA? Please tell me the proper way. thanks
  3. Hello Community, I am a newbie and am using Xilinx Vivado 2018.1. I have a project with Kintex 7. I want to connect an external FIFO ( 72T18125L4 ) to Kintex 7 and I want to implement an interface in Kintex 7 to communicate with this FIFO. Please give me the idea! Sorry if I posted in wrong place! :( Thank you very much! Best regards, Charlie.
  4. Hello, I am trying to interface MCP3008 with basys 3 using SPI and store the values in a FIFO and transmit the values to PC using UART. Initially, I designed for ADC to convert input waveform and display results by increment or decrements of LED's. The MCP3008 ADC clock is 1.3 MHz clock. This works and led's increment as the amplitude of the input waveform is increased from signal generator . But when i receive through UART and plot on SerialPlot , the signal is distorted please find the code for ADC below: entity ADC is port ( -- command input clo
  5. I'm using the Nexys Video board and I'd like to use the FIFO capability of the FTDI chip (IC13 connected to J12) to get data from the FPGA quickly and easily while keeping the JTAG lines high-impedance. I would like to use the FT2232H FIFO port while using our own JTAG (J17). The JTAG lines on that chip are high impedance until the USB cable is plugged in and I'd like to keep them high impedance while using the USB port. If you don't know, can you send me the schematic page for IC13/J12?
  6. Hi, The FPGA end of the high speed FIFO is pretty well explained, but I can't find the other side - how do you access the port on the host? It mentions the API, but looking through the API I just can't put one and one together. I've used the old DEPP API before... and although I can find the samples and header files for the DSPI I can't see anything about DPTI in digilent.adept.sdk_2.3.1 Linux SDK. Thanks in advance! Mike
  7. Hi, For a project, I want to align two input HDMI video sources in Atlys Spartan 6. I want to implement an asynchronous FIFO which will synchronize video source B with video source A timings (picture attached). However, the FIFO should be of the size to store atleast 8 MB (frame size of each video source = 1920*1080*32 bits). How to implement this asynchronous FIFO in Atlys Spartan 6? My atlys kit has MIRA P3R1GE4JGF DDR2 IC on it instead of Micron MT47H64M16xx-25E which is in older boards of Atlys Spartan 6. I am using ISE Design Suite 14.2 and running Xapp495. The frame rate that I am w