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Found 4 results

  1. zoggx003

    Zybo DMA example

    I downloaded the ZYBO-master from the github, and ran the tcl script from the following directory: C:\Zynq_Book\ZYBO-master\ZYBO-master\Projects\dma\proj. Could the tcl files have been mixed up or misplaced? Has anyone fIgured out how to fix this? this is the error that I get: ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-3461] Value 'hdmi_in_ddc' is out of the range for parameter 'IIC Board Interface(IIC_BOARD_INTERFACE)' for BD Cell 'axi_iic_0' . Valid values are - Custom INFO: [IP_Flow 19-3438] Customization errors found on 'axi_iic_0'. Restoring to previous valid configuration. INFO: [Common 17-17] undo 'set_property' ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'set_property' failed due to earlier errors. while executing "rdi::add_properties -dict {CONFIG.IIC_BOARD_INTERFACE hdmi_in_ddc CONFIG.USE_BOARD_FLOW true} /axi_iic_0" invoked from within "set_property -dict [ list CONFIG.IIC_BOARD_INTERFACE {hdmi_in_ddc} CONFIG.USE_BOARD_FLOW {true} ] $axi_iic_0" (procedure "create_root_design" line 55) invoked from within "create_root_design """ (file "../src/bd/system.tcl" line 1498) while executing "source $origin_dir/src/bd/system.tcl" (file "./create_project.tcl" line 102) update_compile_order -fileset sources_1
  2. Good afternoon I am learning to use VHDL. I have a Nexys 4 ddr and a PmodSD card, that I would like to learn to use. I downloaded the most recent version of VIVADO, and Xilinx as well. Do you all have a program that I can use, to see how it works or a tutorial to process images? I would appreciate it. Thank you. Kind regards.
  3. Hey there, I've just begun work on a stereo-imaging project using the VmodCam and Atlys FPGA. When I started my research into the project it seemed like there were plenty of reference projects to download from diligent's page for the VmodCam. However, now that I have got to the stage where I would like to use that resource it seems the site has change and the reference projects have gone. Could anyone point me in the right direction, I just wanna get started on this project!
  4. Hello, noob here I just started a project for my university BEng and is based on the chipKit WiFire provided by my supervisor. So far, i felt in love wth MPIDE because is so easy to use and it has all ready for me with 1 exception. The Flowcloud library. For the first 2 months and so I just figured out how to use MPIDE because the boards were from flowcloud so the USB-to-serial cable didn't work so I burned the Bootloader with Digilent's firmware. But now, I lost the Flowcloud app from the PIC chip that my project depends on so much because is required to use a cloud service. Anyhow, my request is: Can someone please tell me how to add the Flowcloud libraries and example codes/functions to work with MPIDE? I really hate MPLAB X because is so complicated and has no examples. Thank you in advance. P.S. I already talked in Flowcloud developer forum about this issue but they told me this is Digilent/chipkit's domain to integrate flowcloud/MPLAB Harmony libraries with MPIDE.