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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am searching for new FPGA development board to replace old Virtex-5 OpenSPARC XUPV5 board (ML509) which retired. What is the most similar board which is being sold now? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am Jaeyoung, a Ph.D student in University of Texas at Austin. I am currently looking for a FPGA evaluation board that can generate/read 1.2V. I have searched a few FPGA boards, but these boards supports to 1.5V. Is there any appropriate board? I will use this board to generate 1.2V digital signal for inputs of my test chip and read-out an output of my test chip using the board. Any suggestion is appreciated. Best regards, Jaeyoung
  3. Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing a simple developing board to develop (more or less) an RFID emulator. Basically the chip only has to drive an RF SPDT connected to one of its pins based on some logic that I will implement. Initially I will just just need to have some data (2-3 kB) saved in memory that I will encode using Hamming(16,10) and send it to the SPDT with a rate of 5Mbits/sec. I am fairly new to FPGA developmen and although I have written some VHDL (a simulation of the tomasulo algorithm, a simple ALU during my undergrad), I consider myself a complete newbie. Do you guys have a recommendation for an FPGA dev kit with a simple programming interface(e.g. USB), preferably compatible with linux AND windows machines? I suspect that the logic that I am going to download will not occupy too much space so I don't need a large in terms of LUT's FPGa but I might need to do some signal processing so I would prefer something with the "newest technology" (talking newbish here). Moreover, I am very concerned about the toolchain, I have used webkit in the past and, well I will just say that I don't expect much from the newer versions. Is there anything better or do you have any suggestions. I am not really concerned about paying for a 1000$ license if I can save a month of bug/driver/compatibility nonsense. I also want to buy PC and I am looking for something that will be able to handle all the driver/connectivity/performance constrains that are associated with the toolchain. I have payed for a 1000$ Dell once with a fake PCIe4 port and I don't want to have the same experience again. see here Thank you very much in advance Lefteris