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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Just accidentally flashed the EEPROM attached to the FT2232 device on the Arty. The board is dead without the USB connection. Been using for 2 months without issues until today. In Vivado it is showing: "ERROR: [Labtoolstcl 44-469] There is no current hw_target.". when trying to Auto Connect with the target in Hardware Manager. Within FT_Prog (FTDI's flash tool), the registers (e.g. serial number, vendor ID, D2XX/VCP driver ...) can all be read and modified. How can it be restored back to Digilent factory setting? Is there an FT_Prog template that we can
  2. I ruined my JTAG-HS2 cable while I was trying to change the display name with FT_PROG sw from FTDI. Adept cannot find my cable any longer. How could I recover it? Many thanks. jo ----
  3. Hi, I have lost firmware for Nexys 2 USB Controller (CY7C68013A-56) which is stored on 24AA128-EEPROM. I want to update it by CyConsole application. Could anybody help? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm following these steps: Ubuntu 18.04. Vivado 2019.2. Arty A7 35T. Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H. Cables are placed correctly. Steps are correctly but the last doesn't work. But when I try to do the step Vivado Installing Configuration to Device, Vivado doesn't recognize my Arty. The drivers and lsusb: I think the problem is the FT2232 EEPROM, how can I restore it? Any help, please? That's all, if you need more inform
  5. I need to read some data (a serialnumber to be specific) out of an eeprom. The eeprom I am using supports I2C. in additon to that I'm accessing the openscope mz via json-strings. So I got some questions/problems. Does the openscope mz support i2c? if yes how to I access this with json-commands If it doesn't support i2c I would use an bus-bridge (something like this) to convert it to spi. On the reference website it says the boards supports spi. But I can't find any solution on how to connect to this pins via http. Has anybody some information or recommended websites where I can look
  6. ebkt

    How to reconfig HS3?

    I accidentally reflashed my HS3 with FTDI tool(FT_prog). Can I reconfig the EERPM? and How?
  7. Dear Digilent Team, I have just reprogrammed the ft2232h eeprom in the FT_PROG. Now the Vivado says: "There is no current hw_target." So it looks that I were destroyed the EEPROM code in the nexys video. Could You send me a program to fix this issue ? Thank You. andrewna
  8. Hello, I accidentally programmed the FT232H EEPROM in Analog Discovery 2 but it's no longer detected in Waveforms2015. Would anyone help me to recover the EEPROM? Best regards, Choon
  9. Hi. I want to interface EEPROM with the FPGA. Can someone tell me that what is the general size of EEPROM to be attach with Virtex 4 FPGA? Thanks
  10. Hi, i need to change the eeprom a little to achieve my communication tasks I need the whole file(firmware source program) in order to understand it and achieve my needs by using it. who can help me! Thank you very much!
  11. Hi, i need to change the eeprom a little to achieve my communication tasks I need the whole file(firmware source program) in order to understand it and achieve my needs by using it. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi, I'm having a problem programming di EEPROM of the FT2232HQ on my Digilent CMOD A7 35T board with FT_PROG, I hope someone can help. I wanted to change the hardware and the drivers of the A port to UART and VCP respectivly. After that, noticing that I couldn't program the FPGA with Vivado anymore, I re-programmed the FTDI with FT_PROG to its initial state (port A with 245FIFO hardware and D2XX Direct drivers), but I'm still not able to program the FPGA with Vivado because it seems to not recognize any hardware target. It seems that the FTDI is not able to connect to and to control the JTAG c