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Found 2 results

  1. No, not those kinds of phasers... I'm talking about the much more fun mathematical concept of phasors! But if you have an Eclypse-Z7, and want to tag along, then you might get a little stunned anyway, so try it out for yourself.
  2. zygot

    EclypseZ7 curiosity

    I've recently been experimenting on the Eclypse-Z7 and have run into a curious problem. I created a board design with BRAMs having one port external for HDL access. I've run into a problem where the program hangs if I try to access the BRAM using a pointer rather than the driver. I thought that this was my coding error until I create a new application in the SDK using the predefined memory test. This compiled automatically and also hanged trying to access the bram. When I pressed btn0 on the board, the standard memory test application went on to complete testing both brams properly. btn0 is a reset to my HDL logic as well as the ps_processor _reset block in the board design. Hitting reset in my own application has the same result. I access the brams many times but only have to reset one, after the program start executing. Hitting reset before executing applications doesn't prevent the exception causing the processor to hang. I haven't run into this before, but current SDK development isn't my area of expertise.,