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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I've implemented a Microblaze system on the ARTY board, which includes a Texas Instruments DP83848 PHY chip to manage ethernet communications. Xilkernel and example program 'echo server' works wonderfully, so any hardware issue is discarded. However, on linux (using both mainstream and xilinx' github repo), I can't get ethernetlite core to work. This is the info I can provide: axi_ethernetlite_0: [email protected] { compatible = "xlnx,xps-ethernetlite-1.00.a"; device_type = "network"; interrupt-parent = <&microblaze_0_axi_intc>; interrupts = <1 0>; reg = <0x40e00000 0x10000>; xlnx,duplex = <0x1>; xlnx,include-global-buffers = <0x1>; xlnx,include-internal-loopback = <0x0>; xlnx,include-mdio = <0x1>; xlnx,rx-ping-pong = <0x1>; xlnx,s-axi-id-width = <0x1>; xlnx,tx-ping-pong = <0x1>; xlnx,use-internal = <0x0>; axi_ethernetlite_0_mdio: mdio { #address-cells = <1>; #size-cells = <0>; phy0: [email protected] { device_type = "ethernet-phy"; reg = <0>; }; }; }; phy0 section was written by me, as it was not provided by dts creation utility for the SDK. dmesg output: xilinx_emaclite 40e00000.ethernet: Device Tree Probing xilinx_emaclite 40e00000.ethernet: Failed to register mdio bus. xilinx_emaclite 40e00000.ethernet: error registering MDIO bus xilinx_emaclite 40e00000.ethernet: MAC address is now 00:0a:35:00:00:00 xilinx_emaclite 40e00000.ethernet: Xilinx EmacLite at 0x40E00000 mapped to 0xF0140000, irq=2 Relevant kernel config: CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_XILINX=y CONFIG_XILINX_EMACLITE=y CONFIG_PHYLIB=y CONFIG_DP83848_PHY=y CONFIG_XILINX_PHY=y eth0 interface appears, and ifconfig eth0 doesn't produce any error. However, no other host on the network can reach the ARTY nor viceversa, not by ping, nor by poking at any random port. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hello, is it true, that a device tree file like <finally-used-device-tree>.dts is always generic and will always generated thru a <source-for-device-tree-file>.dtsi file? I found some basic files in "/my-petalinux-project/components/plnx_workspace/" e.g. "zynq-7000.dtsi" and a generic "system-top.dts" file. Must i edit those files (e.g. zynq-7000.dtsi)? Is there an other relevant Location? Thank you...
  3. hi there, I am trying to follow along with this wonderful tutorial by @Commanderfranz (maybe you can help?), and I keep running into errors compiling the device tree blob. I've been working on it for several days, and still haven't figured out a fix. All is fine and good building everything up until this point (.bif, .bin, uboot, etc.) but can't successfully build the darn device tree blob! I use the following command: $ cd linux-digilent $ ./scripts/dtc/dtc -I dts -O dtb -o ../devicetree.dtb /arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-zybo.dts and I get Error: arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-zybo.dts:15.1-9 syntax error FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree The line that is generating a syntax error is 15: #include "zynq-7000.dtsi" I read that you must invoke the preprocessor in order to handle c preprocessor directives in .dts scripts, however the only proposed solution I have seen online is to invoke the makefile as seen below, which I already tried and didn't work. make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi- dtbs Please help! Happy to include whatever other reference info you need. Best, - Brett