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Found 9 results

  1. Is there anyone that has a direct link to download just the USB drivers for the Analog Discovery II (not part of Waveforms 2015)? We are having driver issues on Windows 10. We've tried every other solution that we could find on these forums. (Manually pointing to the drivers, rebooting, reinstalling waveforms including the Adept Runtime, etc.) We are looking for JUST the drivers that someone from tech support can send us while trying to fix this problem.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been working in the arty z7, working to output HDMI video from a camera conencted by ethernet . While the ehternet hardware, driver and code are fully functional. I have yet to make the hdmi function on the OS. Currently, i have follow succesfully the following tutorial, that means that i have the hardware for HDMI in and out and can use through the provided Bare metal application. Now, i have to move this functional hardware form a bare metal application to a OS application, for that i need some drivers to control the Axi Stream conected to the VDMA and to the HDMI output. To be honest I dont even know where to start with this task, do any of you have any pointers, are there pre-developed drivers for this situation?. Thanks for any information PD: the current version of OS i am using is linaro, i dont think it changes anything but just in case.
  3. I am unable to upload projects to my chipkit pro MX4 board using MPIDE. My code compiles, I have the correct board selected and comport. However when I try to upload my project to the board I get an error saying that it cannot connect to the comport and to shut down applications that are using it. Has anyone set up MPIDE and used the chipkit pro MX4 board?
  4. This problem came from a chat between myself and @Vidar . His Macbook pro isnt recognizing an analog discovery 2. He is going to try another computer to see if his drivers will install correctly but it may be another problem. Hopefully the community and maybe @attila can chime in to help Vidar out. Here are the cliff notes of the chat. Well, the device seems to be dead. 11:12 AM sLowe Which device? 11:13 AM Vidar Analog Discovery 2 Vidar I just received my Analog Discovery 2. I installed the WaveForms2, connected the device and nothing happens. No LEDs indicate that the unit is alive. I power the device with external 5V supply without any change. When starting up WaveForms 2015 no device is found. It seams as the Analog Discovery 2 unit is dead? What can be the reason? What shall I do? 11:13 AM sLowe are you using linux? 11:15 AM Vidar MacBook Pro 11:15 AM sLowe so you plug your AD2 into your computer and nothing happens? I don't have too much experience with mac but there should be a device manager 11:16 AM does it show up as anything? 11:17 AM Vidar There is no LED's on the device that indicate live. I assume there should be some LED activity? 11:18 AM Nothing shows up at the Device Manager 11:18 AM sLowe No leds show up for me until the correct drivers install 11:19 AM what version of OS do you have? 11:20 AM Vidar 10.11.6 11:21 AM I assumed that there should be LED activity immediately when the unit is powered up? If the case is that the driver has to be running I can try another PC to see if it has something to do with my Mac and the driver. sLowe One thing it may be is that your computer power output settings may be restricting it. Using a USB hub could be worth a try 11:24 AM also here is a pretty good thread 11:24 AM Vidar I have tried that11:27 AM I think trying another computer could be helpful. My bet is that your drivers arent installing correctly 11:27 AM Vidar Ok, thank you. I will try another PC.
  5. I'm setting up a room full of Basys3 FGPAs using Xilinx Vivado WebPack 2016.3. I install the software and after completion I plug in the Basys3. It seems that 4 drivers install, When a student logs in, it seems to want to install the USB to Serial driver again but never does.
  6. Hi all, I am about to run Linux on a Zybo. In the tuto I am following, this is explained I have to generate a device tree after defining the hw with no mention about any Linux drivers. But I think this is not the only thing I have to do to make Linux able to communicate with the peripherals on the board. Tell me if I am wrong : the device tree is just there to tell the kernel how peripherals are mapped in memory. But it does not tell nothing about how to communicate with. This is the role of the driver. Right? If right, will it be fine if I generate the device tree and if I use the kernel in github Digilent/linux-digilent? Does this kernel already have all the required drivers for my board? Thanks, Herrmattoon
  7. I am trying to get my laptop windows7 to recognize my chipkit wf32 and it won't. It seem like the drivers was loaded correctly when I see this pic(driver). Are my jumpers setup correctly? UART,LDOUT-5V0 LDOIN-VU,JP1-IN,JP3-PWM,JP10-USB,JP6-MASTER,JP7-MASTER,Nothing on JP9orJP11,JP4&JP5-AN Any help would be great. Can send an small image this should be corrected. thank.
  8. Hello, I have a ChipKit Uno rev C with Basic I/O board. I am using MPIDE 20140821. I’m having problems running the IOShield_EEPROM_Demo. I have installed the necessary ChipKit I/O drivers. I have ensured JP6 and 8 are configured correctly on the uno board. The program crashes when reaches the line : IOShieldEEPROM.writeString(0,"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"); I have read about this problem on ChipKit online forum, but it does not appear to have been resolved. Would anyone please help. :-) Many thanks Andy
  9. I am defeated. I am trying to install the Digilent drivers for JTAG and Serial Port on a Windows 7 system (the product is the Synopsys ARC EM Starter Kit). The USB Serial Port driver (Serial Converter B ) installs correctly and I can get output on Putty. Originally, the Serial Converter A driver installed as a VCP (Serial port driver), and I could not get it to install as anything else. In this configuration, the Adept program recognized the starter kit board as a Digilent device, but the Metaware IDE configured for the JTAG debugger could not find it. I rooted around and found that I could force the driver for Serial Converter A to be the Digilent JTAG Cable driver by specifying my own driver and choosing from the list of alternate drivers (I chose the Digilent JTAG Cable driver). Windows complains that the Digilent JTAG cable driver may not work (!) but I load it anyway. It may be right, because this doesn't fix anything, except that now the Adept program does not detect any devices. HELP! Regards, Lee