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Found 7 results

  1. There appears to be a mistake in the WaveForms SDK Reference Manual supplied with the SDK. The document says: But the function actually requires the idxChannel AND idxNode, like this: I'm running the following code segment to get the different node options: num_channels = c_int() dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelCount(hdwf, byref(num_channels)) print(num_channels.value, "channels") for i in range(0, num_channels.value): print("Channel", i) channel_name = create_string_buffer(32) channel_label = create_string_buffer(16) dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelName(hdwf, c_int(i),
  2. A recent change to the demonstration Cmod-A7-35 GPIO example (and others) here has removed the create_project.tcl file, which is referenced in your documentation here Can you please point me to updated "how to get started" documentation that is valid for vivado 2018.2 and the latest source code repository changes? Thank you
  3. Hello, I design an hardware application with chipKIT WF32 rev B. Today, I buy a new board but in rev C. With this board, some functionnalites don't work. I'm looking for documentation of rev C for schema but I don't find it on your website. Do you know if the rev C documentation exists ? If the rev C documentation doesn't exist, do you know the hardware difference between rev B and rev C? In advance, thank you for your response. Pierre.
  4. dennis612b


    I purchased a used Atlys and there was one of these in the box! I don't see any documentation or example projects for it anywhere???? Where can I get some useful info on the VmodMIB?
  5. Hi Digilent. It seems like the NEXYS 4 DDR Schematic is missing some pages. Specifically, the FTDI chip and UART connections. It seems like page 6 is missing. Perhaps the UART schematic is located on this page? Please advise on how to obtain the full schematic. Thank you, jliu83
  6. Hello. The electronics explorer is a wonderful instrument, no doubt, but there's something that needs to be adressed. I would say "the documentation is awful", but it would be a blatant lie, because there is no documentation (Forgive my cheekiness). For the last few days I´ve been learning how to use it by trial and error, looking at the 3 examples present on the website and figuring out more or less what's going on. There is no quick start guide, no reference manual and the closest to any documentation on how to use the board comes from the RealAnalog videos in which the boar