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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I am trying to stream data from a Custom IP, right now it's just a counter running at 8MHz, to a FIFO, to DMA. This is an image of the design. But the DMA and FIFO only ask (TREADY/WREADY) for data about 0.2 MHz. I'm sure it's because my code is only getting 4 bytes at a time from DMA, so even in a simple loop it's not fast enough. My question is hopefully an easy one: with something like XAxiDma_SimpleTransfer(&AxiDma,(u32) RxBufferPtr, MAX_PKT_LEN, XAXIDMA_DEVICE_TO_DMA); I should be able to have an array of size MAX_PKT_LEN ready to use (I'm just trying to send this out via UDP as fast as possible)? I'd imagine a pointer should be available to point to a 'set' of contiguous memory, correct? I only get 4 bytes from the above function. I'm using a fairly simple program found online using XAxiDma_SimplePollExample(). In that program, it reads the first 1024 bytes just fine, and then actually the next 4 bytes, but then it starts 'dropping' data as my Custom IP keeps on going (I have the TREADY flag ignored for testing). The program output is here where you see it start to skip. And Here are the DMA settings and here are the FIFO settings. Thank you to anyone who can help! I've been at this for over a week and it's got to be a 2-minute fix I'm sure! I appreciate *any* help, I'm very new at all this.