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Found 7 results

  1. Hallo I am implementing an application to continuously streaming samples from the Digilent2 oscilloscope to the hard drive. I have missing samples at each buffer read. See image in the attachment. Buffer size is 4000. In the Wavefrom SDK the needed mode is working fine. My signal has max. Frequency of 1200Hz. Therefore, a sample rate of 12k/s would be sufficient. Can you please give some hints, how to configure this use case? dwf.FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet(hdwf, c_double(int(config["buffer"]["sample rate"]))) dwf.FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet(hdwf, c_double(int(config["bu
  2. I want to output a stereo Signal on wavegen. W1 is working as expected but W2 gives no Signal on oscilloscope. The hardware is tested with Waveform tool and it is fine. I can output two different custom signals on W1 and W2. The SDK is up to date. I assume to have a fault in initialisation of the channels. See the code is in the attachment. The problem is in play_Digilent() method. A working example to output a custom signal on both channels would be very helpful.
  3. On a Windows 10 MSI laptop model G51-N1PR721-CV8 with GTX 960m video card with 16 GB ram, Intel i7. Using Discovery 2, after it runs for about 5 minutes, Waveforms crashes Windows. Waveforms ver. 3.10.1. Uninstalled, rebooted, turned off antivirus, reinstalled, kept antivirus off, ran waveforms again, same problem. Tried the next version down, still crashes. Any suggestions welcome. Will give any more specifics if asked. Trying to help my son in college. Thanks in advance:)
  4. We have both of these and would like to use either of them to measure dc voltages. The problem is we are using robotics to move our sensors so we also need the x,y,z coordinates as well as the voltage read at those coordinates. Is there any way to ask the hardware to report what it is reading? Our software basically positions the sensor in one of 900 possible grid locations and we then measure 2 voltages and compute the current from the voltage drop across a know resistor as well as reading magnetic field strength. If we could put the coordinates into the log perhaps using the d
  5. Hello there, I am a new user to the AD2 scene. What I am trying to do is create a parallel wire capacitor that will alternate the charge on the wires at a freq of 200kHz, at a voltage of 2V across the capacitor wires (in this case the wires are the male connectors) My first question is if I use the wavefunction generator as a sine wave, does the ground need to be placed on the adjacent wire to create my capacitor? What I mean is that if the W1 channel is pushing 2V to the W1 wire, is that in relation to the ground wire? Or, do I need to set up a second wavefunction generator to simu
  6. Hello, I'm starting to work with custom scripts on my discovery 2 (with oscilloscope extension + probes). I'm trying to setup a measurement environment using the sample script. I have a power supply with output voltage at 4V. When I run the scope at WaveForms I get 4V reading, however, when I run the acquisition script I get 2.72V as average voltage. I also tried with the script and also get 2.73V. I wonder why such different results. Pictures bellow:
  7. hello everyone newbie. i recently bought a discovery2 usb scope, to record mains power data and then write that data to excel . i'm stuck with two problems i have and hopefully some with more experience could help . the first is the logger within the waveforms 2015 program saves files or aquisitions to a maximum of 9999 . and at the rate i'm required to sample means i can only record approx 18 minutes of data , is there a way to lift the number of index files to 20,000 , this is the logger view within the scope window of waveforms 2015 ? the second problem i have is the th