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Found 3 results

  1. The DIO0 and DIO1 pins (leads) on my Analog Discovery 2 seem to be frozen. I was trying to read digital signals and they stopped working like they did before. So I opened StaticIO on Waveforms and tested it. The other DIOs seem to read OK, but DIO0 is stuck high and DIO1 is stuck low. I don't remember doing anything that would fry these inputs, but it's certainly possible. Is there anything I can try to check this, or fix it? Thank you! Robert
  2. I am new user of Waveforms 2015 and the Digital Discovery. I want to generate SPI signal and DIOs, to read from multiplexed-CH ADC. According to "Help" on WaveForms, DIO can be set using "DIO." in script for Protocol-SPI. (Help -> Protocol -> 2. SPI -> about Custom mode -> " DIO.: Lets you set(the ones are not declared as SPI signal) and red the digital pins." ) but I can't find its description. So, could I have the example how to use "DIO." in script for Protocol-SPI ? * I'm using WaveForms Ver:3.7.5 32-bit Qt5.6.3 Windows7. Thanks
  3. Hi -- brand new here to the EE board. When I apply >= 3.3 V to a DIO pin (say 31), I see that pin 30 is "HIGH" also. I see that this happens in "pairs" all the way through the DIO "bits" I see that the "LEDs" in the Static I/O view are both illuminated. If I use the Digital In analyzer, the higher bit (say 31) is solid "On" while the next bit (30) looks "noisy". Is this behavior by design or is there a flaw in my hardware? thank you Frank