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Found 3 results

  1. Hi folks - I have a Mac running 10.10.5 and another with 10.11 both not connecting to the Analog Discovery 2 hardware over USB. What I know: Hardware works fine from a Windows VM on the Mac Plugging in the AD2 loads kext com.digilent.driver.DigilentFtdiDriver AND Neither removing via kextunload nor deleting the kext file helps Following the *awesome* steps at this post didn't help - WaveForms sees and loads the driver (no logs spit out normally; logs spit out when I rename driver) but still no dice Keepin
  2. Hello, first i must say, that i'am not glad about the way to handle device issues. It seems to be very complicated when using linux. If i use a bare metal System, then i have a very simple and Logical System which is easy to use. What i want is an easy way, similar to a bare metal System, where i can use the customized Hardware in a zync (FPGA) Environment. While i'am discovered my Project Folder i found a Subfolder where example c-source code was stored. In this example is a peek and poke app included. When i look at the Details i found, that the "mem" device was used and simil
  3. Hi - I wanted to run two Analog Discovery 2's at the same time - is this possible? So far I have only found how to switch from the one to the other with the device manager, not how to have both running at the same time.