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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I impelemnted a design composed of a softcore processor (RISC-V based), on a Nexys 4 DDR (Nexys A7) board. The software is stored in the DDR2 Memory. The software accesses the DDR2 memory through a controller interface. Now, I'd like to add an Audio IP that can fetch some audio samples, stored in a specific location (by the processor) in the DDR2 memory, and feed them to the audio output. However, since the interface is taken by the processor, is there a way to use that interface by the audio driver too? I read about something called the Ping Pong PHY, but apparently it is only supported in DDR3 and DDR4. Is there any equivalent way to do that?
  2. Hi guys, happy new year!! I'm currently trying to write and read data from my DDR3 SDRAM block. Instead of using any IP core, I want to write and read data diractly using Verilog in Vivado. But unforunitely, I can't find the XDC configition in XDC file of my board. so I'm stucking at how t `timescale 1ns / 1ps //ram.v module ram( input clk_i, input rst_i, input wr_en_i, input rd_en_i, input [7:0] addr_i, inout [31:0] data_io ); reg [31:0] bram[255:0]; integer i; reg [31:0] data; //add implementation code here always @(posedge clk_i or posedge rst_i) begin if (rst_i) begin for(i=0;i<=255;i=i+1) //reset bram[i] <= 32'b0; end else if (wr_en_i) begin bram[addr_i] <= data_io; end else if (rd_en_i) begin data <= bram[addr_i]; end else begin data <= 32'bz; end end assign data_io = rd_en_i? data : 32'bz; endmodule Mater xdc file for arty-35.txto realize my XDC. The attachment is DDR3 CIRCUIT, XDC file and My verilog code
  3. Hey I have followed the tutorial and I have the memory unit not enumerate correctly. It's block by the same name appears as a 2 port block. tutorial from nexys-4-ddr-getting-started-with-microblaze-servers found at I have the problem when I am adding the core "memory interface generator" in step 3.1 works and is per the figure, but the auto configuration of the block in step 4 doesn't appear to work because the figure in 4.2 looks different. I have started the project by downloading the Nexsys DDR board file and using that board file from section 1 as that would be the first thing that I checked. Please let me know where I might have gone wrong.