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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, i am trying to trigger an High Speed Pin after a certain length of a pulse. With the waveform software this works perfectly. Inside my c# code the "dwf.FDwfDigitalInTriggerLengthSet" has no effect. It doesn´t matter if i use 30ns or 10s for the minimum length. -> It triggers always directly after the first glitch of about 10ns. Thank you for your help in advance. Steven What am i doing wrong? Here the code: //Number of samples to acquire after the trigger (10 bit with 10Mhz) int number_of_samples = Convert.ToInt32(_frequency/(1e
  2. Just got my hands on DDiscovery today. Hoping to use it to replace my bulky old logic analyzer for testing my Analog-to-Digital Converters. Initially, I apologize If I tend to write more than I need to. I would like to have the below three functions simultaneously in the Logic Analyzer tab. 1) Synchronous with external clock: To capture 16+ channels using an external clock which would be a DATARDY flag or just sampling clock from my ADC. 2) Trigger-based acquisition 3) Repeat it for number of times while saving to file each time. So far, in Waveforms, I c