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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am on the fence on buying a AD2 and have few questions regarding the data logger capability I am assuming that the max data logger input voltage is the same as the scope which is +25vDC, correct? If I used a scope probe with a 10x setting then will the max input signal be 50VDC? that seems obvious but I want to double check it. Thank you
  2. Hi All, I am new to this forum and I have the Analog discovery (AD) kit (bought in 2015) . I think it is Analog Discovery (Legacy). Although I bought this in 2015 I never get to use it until recently. I have some experience in programming micro-controllers and implementing embedded systems. I think I miss some basics to setup the data logger in the "Wave Forms" and appreciate your input. Ultimate use is to connect the scope input terminals to K-type thermocouple to measure temperature. Please correct if I am wrong in this description. 1) Since the data logger is to acquire data for extended time and plot them with suitable axes, the "Wave Form" (WF) allows "Data logger" interface to acquire relevant data from the "Scope" interface. 2) As for a simple test I did the following: a) Connected the W1 (wave generator output) to 1+ (scope channel 1 input). b) Connected the black ground wire of AD to the 1- (scope channel 1 ground). c) Generated a simple 1kHz , 1V amplitude sine wave signal in the "Wave Generator" interface. d) I can see the waveform in scope interface and there is no problem in using scope and wave generator. Please see the settings of the scope interface in the attached print screen ("scope1"). 3) Since data logger acquire data from the scope interface, can't I see the sine waveform (as shown in the scope) in the data logger? or Am I missing something here? 4) In the Data logger, there are two items in the "item" list as shown in the attached "DLogger1". That is C1/C2: DC, True RMS and AC RMS. 4) What is the correct way to insert the input variable in the function/maths editor (please see the attached print screen "DLogger2") in order to add a new plot in the data logger? SHOULD I USE C1 (for channel 1) or "1 +/-" (WITH DOUBLE QUOTES) to introduce the input variable? 5) If I want to plot absolute value of the data in channel 1, SHOULD I USE THE FUNCTION abs("1+/-") or abs (C1)? > If I use abs(C1) then it is throwing an error in the data logger. > However I can use the function abs(C1) in the scope interface to display the full-wave rectified version of the sine wave. Please see the attached "scope2". 6) My questions: A) Is it possible to display the absolute value of the data in the channel 1 in the "data logger" interface (similar to the red plot in scope interface as in the attached print screen)? B ) What is/are the correct syntax to write a math function in data logger in order to include a new data plot in the logger? Thank you very much in advance for any input/reply. Cheers
  3. Hello Digilent team and forum members, I bought the Analog Discovery in 2015 while I was in Germany (but now in Australia). But I never use it until a few days ago. I downloaded the software/installed and connected the device. Did simple experiment, generating 1kHz sine wave and observing it in the scope. I tried to see the same in the data logger and data logger doesn't show the waveform/data I expect, 1kHz sine wave signal. I already saw the videos/tutorials about data logger and they do not explain how to measure/record some data using and data logger and how to use math functions, the syntax etc. I have very simple setup. I appreciate if you could answer the followings or pass this email to the relevant person. I have spent enough hours without any input/document and success. 1) Analog Discovery pin W1 has been connected to the 1+ (scope channel 1 input) and ground (black wire) has been connected to the 1- (scope channel 1 ground) 2) Generated a 1kHz sine wave with 1V amplitude using "Wave generator". Please see the attached print screen ("Waveform"). 3) I can see my waveform in the scope. Please see the attached print screen ("Scope"). 4) But I CAN NOT SEE MY WAVEFORM IN THE DATA LOGGER! Please see the attached print screen ("Data Logger_1"). It has default "Items" (C1 DC, True RMS, AC RMS). Can't I add more items? 5) Can't I just display the raw signal in the data logger, as I can see in scope window? 6) When I tried to add a mat function, abs(), it is throwing an error "Reference Error: can not find the variable C1: Line 0". Please see the attached print screen ("Data Logger_2"). 7) What are the names of the input variables to the scope? Thank you Best Regards
  4. Hi All, I would like to ask whether anyone has used the data logger interface? If so would it be possible to give some input? 1) What is the input frequency range within which the data logger can display sensible data plots? 2) In what update and history settings should be used to see the data? 3) What is the correct syntax to add a math channel in the data logger? eg. if I use channel 1, what is the correct naming of the input variable? C1 or "1 +/-" for C1 and C2 or "2 +/-" for channels 2? Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. Hello I would like to store the data collected by the analog shield on an sd card. I'm using and Arduino UNO and the Keyes Data Logging Shield - Data Logging Module (rev 1.0).pdf Both the Analog Shield and the Data Logging Shield works perfectly alone, but as soon as I stack both of them on top of the Arduino the Analog Shield stop providing output on the serial interface. I changed the CS pin on the Keyes Data Logging Shield from 10 to 4 but nothing happened. Suggestions? Bests, Andrea