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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm trying to install Petalinux on a Cora Z7-10 I followed all the steps described here: but when I try to boot it I get this message: hwclock: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc': no such file or directory after this, I can't write anything in Minicom. As in my folder /dev didn't have the misc folder, following some advice that I found on the net I created the folder and first tried to soft-link /dev/rtc0 and then hard-link it also but none of those worked, I still get the same error. Did anyone go through the same issue or has any idea to solve it? Thanks you very much in advance.
  2. I'm just starting out with the CoraZ7-10 and having what seems like a weird issue. I've followed the getting started stuff at to the letter and packaged up a BOOT.bin and image.ub that loads and boots fine. I now want to try a simple custom application, so followed the instructions to the letter in the section "Creating and Adding Custom Applications" (for a C++ app) in the Petalinux reference guide for 2017.4 (, followed by the "Building User Application" section (as far as the 4 commands that are preceded by "To build myapp into an existing system image:"; I assumed the bulleted stuff after that is optional). At the end of all that I have to re-run the petalinux-package command to get a BOOT.BIN and image.ub out as necessary. However, when I use the files built at this point, the CoraZ7-10 gets stuck at "Starting kernel ...". I'm hoping that someone can spot whether there's something I'm missing! Please feel free to ask for more details; I'm new to this so, if there's something you need, you might have to tell me the command I need to use to get it (sorry about that). John
  3. Hello All, I have a Coraz7-10 board where I have the uart working in send mode, but not in receive mode. The uart is configured to operate on an interrupt, and I'm using the xilinx example code. I have modified just slightly with some debug messages and the recv handler. Basically, I just want to "set" a signal when then handler occurs, and "reset" it in the main() loop. In the handler itself, I am just checking to see if the received data makes it there, confirming in debugger view of SDK with watch variables. However, rx data is never present. I'm new to Zync, so if there are any suggestion, much appreciated. Thanks. James
  4. Hello, Can the differential input xadc pins A6-A11 of cora z7-10 take input range -0.5v to +0.5v instead of 0v to 1v? In Cora z7-10 reference manual it is stated that it can take input voltage range from 0v to 1v but i have worked in zybo board's XADC which could take differential ADC input voltage from -0.5v to +0.5v. Could anyone clarify on the range of input volatges for differential XADC on CORA z7-10 Board? Thank You.