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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have an aoutomatic test equipment(ATE) that contains a BSCAN device. In order to test that device I have picked a Cmod C2:Breadboardable CoolRunner-II CPLD Module and put it into my selftest adapter (ITA). The only thing I want to do is running a connection test to Cmod C2. But I need the netlist of Cmod C2 otherwise I cannot create a BSCAN project(using XJTAG). Can you please provide the netlist? I can submit my company information and anythişng else that required. Thanks in advance. Furkan.
  2. I recently purchased, and just yesterday received, the Digilent CoolRunner-II CPLD starter board. I had previously installed and verified Xilinx ISE Webpack, version 11.1. Yes, I know, but I’m running Windows Vista Business. Prior to the CoolRunner purchase, I saw nothing in the documentation to suggest that it wouldn’t be compatible. So far, so good. I then downloaded the archived version of Adept, the DASV1-10-0.msi file. Again, Windows Vista. After manually showing the computer where the driver was located, it installed and ran. Attached the USB-to-USB B cable; now, here comes the problem. Just as described in the second paragraph, page five of the Digilent Adept Suite User’s Manual, “ . . . ExPort is able to connect to the module, but is unable to find a valid scan chain, the Scan Chain window remains empty.” Following the troubleshooting suggestions on page twelve of the previously mentioned manual: * environmental variable – check * latest version of Export – unchecked, I’m running Windows Vista * cable securely attached, on both ends – check and double-check * re-started Export – no check, no joy Assistance would be appreciated. I’m so close yet so far . . . . Hope the problem is not some incompatibility with, wait for it, Windows Vista. If so, then I’ve wasted time and money. If it is the problem, any work-arounds? Find a way to use the Xilinx iMPACT tool, etc? Finally, since I spent most of yesterday searching on-line for the same issue, I hope I haven’t taken up valuable space and time repeating a question that has been previously addressed. The forums can be overwhelming.
  3. Hi, Does anybody has the HDL (Verilog/VHDL) code for CoolRunner-II Starter kit "Demo" program?
  4. I am interested in converting one of my designs, developed in random logic, into a CPLD. I have never used a CPLD before and decided to learn on the Digilent CoolRunner-II. I have the board (PB200-146 Rev. F) and the proper USB cable. I have downloaded and installed the Xilinx ISE WebPACK in design Suite 14.7 and obtained the necessary licenses. I have also downloaded the contents of the CD provided by Xilinx and installed the "Coolrunner-II Utility Window" software. Upon connecting the board to the computer, running Win XP, the system found all the drivers for it and installed them without any errors. The board is identified as a "Digilent USB Device" by the Device Manager. The board powers up just fine and runs the pre-programed timer demo. The two red LEDs labeled USB 3V3 and 3V3 and the yellow LED labeled LINK are all on. However I am unable to get any response from the Coolrunner-II Utility Window software. It indicates that it is unable to connect to the device when I try to start the temperature and voltage logging or try to program the .jed demonstration file provided. I have also tried to connect to the board from the IMPACT software, selecting each of the two Digilent USB options but have failed to establish a connection. I have looked at the Reference Manual on the website but it does not cover this level of detail. I would appreciate any help or pointers anyone can offer. Is there a clear instruction sheet on how to use this board with the software? Should I be using ADEPT-2 software to program this board??? Regards, - G. Singh
  5. Hi all! I am trying to bring to life an old X-Board that I had lying around, just to have something physical to show for an introductory FPGA-cource I am developing. I know it is a discontinued product, and no surprise the latest Adept SW can not find the board when connected to my PC. Any ideas how I should proceed? I run Windows 8.1 on a laptop and have managed to get most of Xilinx ISE 14.7 up and running despite the fact that Xlinx stubbornly refuse to support anything newer that Win 7, could that be the problem? Thanks! /Lars PS: Sorry for the spelling error in the topic :=( I posted too quickly...