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Found 2 results

  1. tl;dr: If I use a 12v external power supply on my Arty-S7-50RevE can I use VIN (& GND) to power a 0.1A, 12v cpu fan? Longer: I'm having heat issues with my soft CPU on the S7 and so want to cool it before I take it multi-core. I've installed a heatsink (from here I've got a nice CPU fan left over from another project which fits my arty project well. However the fan is 12v. But I'm already powering the board with a external coaxial 5A 12v supply. Looking at the manual you can also power it via VIN (J8-8) instead - and if you look at the diagram VIN is just connected straight to the v-external power supply*. This seems to mean I should be able to treat VIN as a 12V output and directly connect the 12v cpu fan to it. Is this something which is acceptable? (I tried it and it seems to work fine) thanks mike * see Figure 1.1 here:
  2. Bryce

    Heat Created by Arty A7

    Hello, Per the Arty A7 reference manual the recommended power supply is 36 Watts. At this rate of power dissipation does the Arty A7 circuit card require active cooling? What is the maximum operating temperature of this circuit card assembly? Bryce Hieber