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Found 9 results

  1. I want to create a little circuit to connect straight to the analog discovery 2 using an analog multiplexer and some of the digital outputs to enable lower sample rate measurement of multiple channels. Would there be a part number for a suitable mating connector for the inputs and outputs of the analog discovery/analog discovery 2?
  2. We are currently using the Digilent JTAG HS3 cable. Our setup does not allow enough room for the module without using a right angle connector from our FPGA board which has a 2x7 pin header. On the other end we have a Motherboard with a 4 pin USB header. I'm looking for advice thoughts on a simple solution to go from a our FPGA board with the 2x7 pin header which has little vertical space (so need a right angle connection) to the Motherboard 4 pin USB header. Maybe this can't be done with a single cable? Maybe it needs to be several separate parts (i.e., right angle connector + JTAG HS3 + U
  3. Hi, I'm an unexperienced Zedboard user. I want to connect to the FMC-LPC connector, and route those signals to another board. How can I do it? Possibly using components that I can solder by hand. I asked the question at the Zedboard support forum and they replied "Please ask your question over at digilent as they are the main contact for educational support." Thank you.
  4. I am wanting to custom build interface connector to replace standard flywire setup Want to limit number of wires and do some twisted pair and shielded longer input wires Want to find mating keyed 30pin connector and crimp inserts, dont want to use individual wire connectors or splice , want to use key to ensure pinout and avoid splices I have seen assorted kits of Dupont 2.54 mm connectors available but the correct keyed plug to connect to the AD2 is critical. It is usually not good idea to try to repin these so looking to do a clean build, not modify Digilent flywires
  5. Hello to all, While considering to use SD card socket integrated into the Zybo board I've noticed that its definition (package constraints) was not included into the board files. I guess that I can try to add it by myself or ask Digilent to be kind and add it. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the software used to generate the XML file. Perhaps it can be done in Vivado? Please, advise me on that. Thank you!
  6. I'm getting a myProto Protoboard in the mail tomorrow, and I can't tell what the connector type is for the external power supply. All I can see is that there is a max of 17VDC. What connector is used here? And is there a supplied external power supply to wall power, or should I be purchasing one? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I want to know the detail dimension of JTAG-USB cable connector header pin. I know this is very common header pin connector, but I want to understand its pin length and width to ensure the connection. Does anyone know about this? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I am thinking of using the PmodUSBUART - USB to UART Interface, part #410-212P-KIT in my design. Can you tell me what pitch are the pins for J2. Is this a 0.1inch pitch header? Thanks Chris
  9. mike123456789


    On page-2 of the users manual for the HS3 it shows the pin outs for the HS3 and the target device. If the views shown are the bottom and when mating, the signals will be reversed. What pin outs do I use for my target PCB? Also is there a recommended 14-pin 2.0mm shrouded connector (mfg and part number)? Thanks, Mike Handy