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Found 4 results

  1. Hi - I was wondering if there is a RoHS certificate that I could receive for the JTAG HS3 cable. We need to prove that what interfaces into our devices, even programming pods, are RoHS compliant. If not, could the part number for the header be given out? I could then use the datasheet for the header to confirm the interfacing material is RoHS compliant. Thanks
  2. Hi, How can I find out if a product is ROHS compliant? The product in question is: 6021-210-000P-KIT. Thanks
  3. I already own one of this boards, but so far it is just sitting in a lab being a part of development project, its not being sold anywhere or not being integrated in a system which is sold either. However, for this board (or if you wish, for ANY other similar boards you sell), if one is going to use it in a system which is sold to someone, would he need to pass necessary certifications? Such as EMC/FCC, UL/ other? Lets get back to original board, AD9739A DAC board, what certifications does it have, if ANY? thanks
  4. We will be using the JTAG-SMT2 module in a new design. I would like to get all the compliance documentation (RoHS, REACH, etc.) together for import into our system. Can you guys provide that? Or point me to a download location? Thanks, Chris