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Found 3 results

  1. Can you please create statement of volatility docs for Cmod A7-15T and Cmod A7-35T, similar to the thread below.
  2. Hi all, I'm confused about storing bitstream into the SPI memory that is on board and how to use a SPI bus to interface external peripheral. To be more specific if I need to use the on board SPI memory (IC3 on the schematic board) to store my bitstream I've to add the AXI Quad SPI attached to my Microblaze or this memory is adreessed automatically from the FPGA at startup? If instead only use the on board SPI memory to store my bitstream and then autoconfig the FPGA on startup I need to drive external SPI peripheral (e.g. and DAC) I've to add the AXI Quad SPI and then drive it from Microblaxe through the AXI mapping? I'm a little confused about this point... [EDITED] I'm reading again the Cmod A7 manual (MANUAL) and I've found some information into the paragraph 2.2 and Chapter 4. if I've correctly understand I can use the SPI memory to store my FPGA program without need to instantiate the AXI Quad SPI bus because this task will be do automatically on the FPGA startup (this sound also logic if I've a design that not need of a microblaze core, lika a simple logic as the button example, provided from Digilent), but if I need to store some data into the SPI memory, e.g. configuration data for my application I can read the SPI through the Microblaze into the adreess not used for the bitstream, my think is correct? Also if I need to use an external peripheral different than the on board memory (like a serial DAC) I'll use another AXI Quad SPI bus and then set the physical FPGA outputs for it through the XDC filles, e.g. using some pio pins. Is correct? Make sense? Thank!
  3. Here my experience with the Cmod A7-35T evaluation board and the MMCM module, take a look and report me if I've to chage somethings, hope it can help. Due to the size of the document (3.5 Mb due to lot of screenshoot) I've to put this one for downloading from my dropbox, for this reason I kindly ask to some admin to let me know if I can or not put inside a download link to my dropbox folder in order to share the tutorial. Thank Best regards