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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I am using the chipKIT Wi-FIRE with the basic I/O shield and MPLABX IDE. I want to read out the temperature sensor of the I/O shield via I2C and write the value to the OLED display. I do see a value on the OLED-display that reacts on the sensors environment (i.e. it increases when I put my finger on the sensor), however it is clearly wrong as I get 360°C for room temperature (before anyone asks: I know I have to multiply the sensor value with 2^-4 to get a the correct numerical value). To initialize the bus and read out the sensor value I followed an example found on https://sit
  2. I am developing a wireless data logger using Analog Shield and chipKIT WiFire, and am struggling with unstable "" function behavior. My code steps are as follows: 1) acquire analog voltage with Analog Shield, 2) save data into SD and 3) send the data with UDP over WiFi. It works sometimes, but most of the time, it stops at an function. I cannot understand this inconsistent behavior. Below is the sample code which reproduces the same issue. ----- code starts from here ----- #include <MRF24G.h> // sketch works if this line is commented out #include
  3. I've been using the Analog Shield with the uC32 board, but I was just reading the specifications on the Chipkit Wifire and would like to try using that board instead because of the much larger static RAM (512kB vs 32kB for the uC32). I read the reference manual for the Chipkit Wifire, and it appears to me that the Analog Shield should work from the hardware point of view. I tried compiling some code using the Analog Shield for the Wifire with Arduino software and chipkit-core, but the Analog Shield library gives an error "Incorrect processor type" because the board doesn't have a PIC32MX proc
  4. Question from a customer: Can we use this same Network shield for the ChipKit Wi-Fire? Answer: Unfortunately, the network shield is not compatible to the chipKIT WiFire.
  5. Hi, I went through the MPLAB X IDE tutorial. I then changed the product properties to suit my device (PIC32MZ2048ECG100) and debugger (Chipkit PGM). I also changed the port to PortB where user-LED 3 is connected (RB11). When I debug using Simulator, the variables change as they should. However when I program the device, LED3 does not light up as it should. So I also added ANSELB =0 statement to make it a digital port. But still nothing happens. I have exhausted all possible causes I could think of. I would appreciate any ideas. Below is the code, Thanks. #include <xc.h> #pragma config