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Found 2 results

  1. hi Im trying to do a simple hello world by turning on the LED's. It appears that I can not assert two bits in a single register if calling them by name. The below WILL light all four LEDs as it cycles through them faster than the human flicker fusion rate. while(1){ PORTGbits.RG15 = 1; PORTGbits.RG6 = 1; PORTBbits.RB11 = 1; PORTDbits.RD4 = 1; } If I do this PORTGbits.RG15 = 1; PORTGbits.RG6 = 1; PORTBbits.RB11 = 1; PORTDbits.RD4 = 1 while(1) The only RG# led that stays lit is the last one. Can I not writ
  2. I'm working with the chipKIT Wi-FIRE board (Rev C) along with the newest version of the arduino IDE and the Digilent Core. I was wondering if it was possible to set up an ad hoc network hosted on the Wi-FIRE board that can be connected to from other devices, I've looked through various parts of the different WiFi related libraries in the core and have found several references to ad hoc but nothing about how I might set it up or what needs to happen to broadcast an SSID for other devices to see. Any help would be greatly appreciated.