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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I have the MX4CK pic32 cerebot board, and am trying to implement the pmod wifi. I have attempted to use several of the available examples from Microchip, to no avail, and haven't come across anybody who has successfully implemented the pmod wifi. Can anyone help out with some starter c code for MPLAB? I would like to implement it as ad-hoc / point to point wifi to communicate with my linux box over TCP (or any other layer), but something router-based would be fine, if I can get my hands on a router. Apologies if it sounds like a plea of laziness. I have been toying with trying to get this thing to work for over a year, and again, have only heard second-hand of anyone actually getting it to work. Frankly, my confidence in the support for this pmod is waning. I have implemented I2C, spi, and basically every other board peripheral except for this one, and I have a decent grasp of networking and sockets. Part of it may be that I have simply never used MPIDE, only MPLABX, so I haven't been able to get the c++/duino style examples running. Also, whatever I get running I will most certainly post. I'm tired of reading dead-end queries about the MRF24WB0MA, and would like to save the next guy/gal the same anguish. Thanks!
  2. Good day, I am looking into implementing a design, using MPLAB X IDE, capable of driving the Servo Motors on a Cerebot 32MX4 PIC using the S1,S2,S3 pins found on the board. I am currently using the RDK Basic reference design as a base for my own design that will be capable of both driving the motors and using the servo motors attached. Since this board is on its last legs and has been replaced by the new Chipkit board it is quite a bit harder to find proper documentation on the servo side of things. I have found references to a design called and determined that this file was at one point hosted on the digilent servers. Unfortunately, I have not been able to track down a copy of it. It would be a great help if anyone could either provide me with a copy of said reference design or possibly some example code that can help with driving the servo motors. As far as I can tell the servo motors are driven via the bits 0-7 on PortB.
  3. Good day community, I'm busy working on a project with a Cerebot MX7 Pro. It's me now noticed that the board so every 5 to 10 minutes restarts. This is not intended by me. I would be happy to send you my project to be ruled by an error on the board. I am using MPLAB X 3.15 with the XC32 1.40 on the PowerDebug USB connection. I hope for an insightful answer or input.