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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to use the Analog Discovery 2 to look at the carrier signal coming in from an AM broadcast station. To do this I would need to tune or filter the many signals coming in on my antenna down to one station of interest. I am thinking that this type of tuning is not something that the AD2 can do. Is this correct? Does anyone know of a simple device that can act as a front end to the AD2 to tune and perhaps amplify the signal in this way? I have looked into SDR's that are very focused on doing just this but I am not seeing how I can extract the carrier signal before it goes to mixi
  2. I have an FMC Carrier S6 board. I'm using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7. My program is periodically sending out a text string. I can probe the TXD_IN pin 13 of the IC11 FT232HQ on the FMC Carrier S6 board, and I see the characters at the desired 115,200 baud. However, on my host PC I don't see the text strings coming in. Specifically, the virtual port comes up as COM13, and I've connected to it with TeraTerm configured for 115,200,8,N,1. I've used both FTDI usb-to-serial adapters and Teraterm a great deal. I should have that all done correctly. In fact, I have two other usb-to-se