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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a coding newbie trying to to use Javascript to produce a pulse of arbitrary length and capture the whole pulse (and a little bit before and after) in one csv file. To do this, I need to make Scope1's recording buffer size longer, and set Scope 1 to be triggered by Wavegen1, but get the following errors with both the Wavegen and Scope Windows open: Scope1.BufferSize.value = 1; RESULT: TypeError: Result of expression 'Scope1.BufferSize' [undefined] is not an object. Scope1.Source.text = "Wavegen 1"; //OR Scope1.Source.text = "Wavegen1"; RESULT OF BOTH:
  2. Hello, I see in the specs that the max buffer size is over 16k points, but it seems that I can only get 8192 samples from this code. "FDwfAnalogInBufferSizeInfo" returns 8192. How can I get the 16k samples? I would like to get 16k samples for each ADC channel. I am using the Analog Discovery 2. Thanks! int main(int carg, char **szarg) { HDWF hdwf; STS sts; double* rgdSamples; int cSamples; int cChannel; char szError[512] = { 0 }; int channum = 0; cout << "hello world!"; remove("ADC_results.txt"); print
  3. Hi, I'm trying to capture a 400kHz I2C waveform for a second or two using the logic analyzer function. Because the AD2 buffer size is small I am using record mode. When I do this with the default device configuration in the device manager (option 1 16x4k for Logic) I get the error "Samples were lost! Reduce sample rate". If I reduce the buffer dize and the sample rate I can change the message to "Samples could be lost! Reduce sample rate". My understanding is that I should be able to operate at 1-2MHz and that it's the USB bandwidth in conjunction with the buffer size that is the