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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, So I own a Basys 2 board with spartan 3E FPGA and I am using ISE Design Suite 14.5. I want to create a VGA output with 800x600 resolution and 40Mhz clock so it will have 60Hz refresh rate. I am writing the code in verilog. I have entered exact numbers for horizontal counter, vertical counter, hsync and vsync that are required for operation stated above. However, I am unable to output the VGA signal. I am using two DCMs that can be generated in the ISE design suite, I am using first DCM to multiply 50MHz clk to 100Mhz and then I am using second DCM to divide 100Mh
  2. Hi, I got a spartan 3E 250K based BASYS2 board from one of my friend. But unable to use it since there is no documentation available. Can you provide me with the schematics of spartan 3E 250K basys 2 board (spartan 3E 100K basys 2 schematics available online) ? With Regards, HPB
  3. I am a senior design student doing a group project. We were looking into using one of the team member's BASYS 2 FPGA board for our project. We're looking at purchasing pmods for sensor capabilities and wasn't sure if they would be compatible with our BASYS 2 board. The sensors we were looking at purchasing are, Pmod CDC1: Capacitative Input Buttons, Pmod BT2: Bluetooth Interface, Pmod TMP3: Temperature Sensor, and Pmod GYRO: 3-axis Digital Gyroscope. Would all the Pmods be able to connect to the board at once? Will the board be powerful enough to handle all 4 pmods? I'm sorry for the tri
  4. Hi, I want to know because when I save a .bit file on the basys 2 card, the configuration is not stored once the card is turned off. Thank you. Fernando.
  5. ello, I want to know if the basys 2 card can be programmed only with ise webpack or need adept? thanks
  6. Just bought a brand new Basys 2 from an authorized dealer in India. I connect the Basys 2 and load Adept and get an " "Initialization Failed. Check connections and try again". After which I get "Found device ID: ffffffff Initialization Failed." in the Adept Screen! Any idea what to do? I'v bought many boards from Digilent and this is the first time I'v seen this error. Someone PLEASE HELP! PS: It's not been even a month since I bought this board. Do we have any warranty?
  7. How can I set up a variable clock signal on Basys 2?
  8. Hi, We want to build wireless transceivers with our fpga's (Basys2 boards). we want to sent and receive text between 2 fpga's. we are thinking about to use the PmodRF2 - IEEE 802.15 RF Transceiver from digilent, but they say it's designed for microchip controllers (PIC). Is it possible to use this one, or do you guys know any other devices that we can use with the basys2 board.,401,927&Prod=PMOD-RF2 (link to the transceiver) J&W